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Vintage Kyosho Gallop MK2 re build to be a runner

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I have always wanted a Kyosho Gallop since I was 14 but skipped over it to buy the newer model the Optima.

Still it has always held a place in my soul so after all these yrs I have embarked on getting a runner for Boondal. So this is my re build of the last version of this chassis being a Gallop MK2.  I'm doing my best on this runner to be a true good example of this awesome 4WD & Steer machine.  Not a build thread but took some pic's along the way as there are very few runners . Spent a long time cleaning all the parts and some polishing .

Chassis torn down and  the re build has started with cleaned components.


Bushings removed and replaced with a bearing kit. This was very painful as the bronze bushings were glued in from the factory making it very difficult to extract out of the alloy housings and hubs.


For power a Kyosho Motor had to go in so I bought a new Re Re Lemans motor as the magnets will be strong compared to a 30yr old Le Mans.


To my horror the new expensive Le Mans was only a 30T and had bushings. For those who know the old Le Man's motors this is the same spec as a Le Mans 600E. So I knocked the bushings out and replaced them with some bearings


For wheels and tires I kept the original wheels but the original tyres were shot so after some thinking I decided on using Tamiya Super Shot wheels at the rear and Hot Shot tires up the front. I chose these as no foam inners had to be used. I had to cut them down to suit the 1.7" rears and 1.9" fronts. You can see how much had to be cut and shunted.


I had to ,make my own steering linkages as they were missing. Used a alloy servo arm and Tamiya fox bits to do the front link while a used some 3mm rod with  eyelets for the rear. First attempt.


Found out the rear steering link interfered with the vintage esc so this is the 2nd version


Custom made front numberplate done and is now taking shape. Hope the body shell turns out.





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I've also a working MK2, but why don't you respect the original rear steering patern ?

Which glue did you used for the tires ? How long they last ? I still have the original one's but they are too fragile to be used.

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