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Sale: Tamiya Striker Parts

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I have seen the future of my Striker, and it does not involve:

- stock front suspension arms (parts F2, F3)

- a stock front bumper

- 2 rear wings (part C13)

- 2 sets of plastic parts for the stock rear friction dampers (parts C4, C9, C16, C18)

- accessories for the Team CRP shock upgrade (includes optional front springs and rear damper collars)

- 2 sets of rear springs (one pair from Team CRP upgrade pack, one pair stock)

- rear wing stays/rear shock mounts (parts A3, A4)

- a rear bumper (part C6)

- a pinion gear cover/inspection cap (part C12)

- a pair of stock dogbone half-shafts (part E2)

- a mechanical speed control mount (part B5)

- a set of upper body mount posts (parts C2, C3, C5)

Hence, I am listing them for sale, and listening to offers.

They are in clean, used condition, with no structural deficiencies. A number of C-sprue parts are in new, never-used condition, including (but not limited to) the inspection cap (C12), rear bumper (C6), and one front bumper.

These parts are based in Canada; as such, package/lot deals are welcome. PayPal is preferred.

Pictures of the parts in question follow. Upon request, more detailed pictures can be made available on any and/or all parts, and questions can be answered. Remember that a number of these parts can be fitted to the closely-related Sonic Fighter!









Thanks for reading!

Edit: Note that I will be absent from May 11th - 28th, so communications will be sparse during that time, and shipments delayed until the 29th.

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Here comes a BUMP!

*cue Striker flying off into distance on bump-steer-induced-tangent*

More relevantly (and speaking of bumps), the second bumper has been located:



It appears to be in brand-new condition, with authentic Twin Star Racing decals applied. The original listing has been edited accordingly.

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Bump - these parts are still available! I do not have a Striker that needs them.

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Grastens let me receive my newly purchased used Sonic fighter and see what I might want from you, but I'll definitely be interested in a body mount and those CRP dog bones - whoop whoop big spender I know... sorry.

You don't have aluminium rear wheel hubs or a CRP front bumper brace do you?

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Check back with me once you receive the Sonic Fighter, as the CRP front bumper brace and aluminium rear wheel hubs would involve me parting out my Striker.

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