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Removing eBay's "Product Reviews" for Vintage items

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In some countries, eBay shows "Product Reviews" for things people are selling. This is part of eBay's (misguided) effort to cast everything on it's site as a "retail" item. And to become a corporate shopping site like Amazon.com. Instead of just being a portal for people to flog their old wares and collectibles (which is how eBay started).

Most of you know this already. eBay has been heading down this path for many years. I still try to use the site for vintage goodies. But eBay's "Product Reviews" are an example of where their Amazon.com-wannabe mentality clashes with using the site to sell old stuff. Take this NIB 1979 vintage Sand Scorcher kit, on eBay for example (I am not the seller)...


Nice kit.

But notice the star rating and the 22 reviews? Those are not about the vintage Sand Scorcher kit. They are not even about the remake Sand Scorcher kit. A handful of them might be, but overall the rating appears to be built from anything on eBay that has the words "Sand Scorcher" in it, where the review box has sprung into action and people have thrown a comment in. From cars, to wheels, to bumpers, to decals, to chassis, to repro... if the seller used the right keywords and details, it might get lumped under "Sand Scorcher" in eBay's dumb database. Here are some reviews which now appear on the page of the vintage NIB Sand Scorcher...



If you're the seller of something unique and vintage, the risk is your listing might end up displaying a rating (good or bad) from stuff that is unrelated to what you are selling.

Luckily, it seems the seller can turn the Product Review feature off. And since I only just found this, I thought I'd share how to do it...

  1. Go to: "My eBay"
  2. Click on "Account" tab
  3. Click on "Site Preferences"
  4. To the right of "Sell Your Item form and listings", click on "Show"
  5. To the right of "Show product ratings on your listings" (if available) click "Edit"
  6. Click the radio button for "Do not display product ratings on my listings"
  7. Click "Submit"


If you're selling anything vintage in particular, I would suggest turning this feature off to ensure your vintage goods aren't associated with reviews for modern retail, re-re, remake, repro stuff.


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It's not just that either, despite ebay making it clear it is asking for you to review a product some people still review the seller so you might want to sell something and there's only one reviews and it's a one star one because that person had a bad experience. Now either your prospective buyer doesn't read the review and thinks your item is crap or they read it and think you're the bad one star seller!

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