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Sale: Tamiya Martini Porsche 935 turbo #58002

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Hey there! Recently found an old Porsche 935 turbo r/c model still new in it's box.

The box it's self is kinda beat up but everything inside is still in its packaging and untouched!

I did some research on it and know it's a rare and valuable model, because of that I would rather sell it to some one who would really want it for their collection.

I'm located in Boston, MA

Link to a gallery for more pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/8acaVGkzTrpheocx9

You can make an offer for it here or private message me.



Model has been put up for sale on Ebay! If there's anyone interested in it you can check it out here.

>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Martini-Porsche-935-turbo-58002-/112473651042?hash=item1a2ff3b762:g:lvYAAOSwvPRZYBdL











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Having seen the original thread where this discovery was shared, this is a good choice.

Best of luck with the sale! I hope it finds a good home - given the general nature of TC members, I think the chances are great it will ;)

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Good luck selling it. 

It would help a lot if you said where you were based.


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4 minutes ago, treasurrectionist said:

and the ask is  $......$$$$...............$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

Not too sure what its worth really, only thing I could find for price reference is an eBay listing for one that was already built and kinda beat up that was going for about 600 USD, so I was thinking maybe 700 or more for it? Don't know what people are willing to pay for it.

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the built one has been up for at least 6 months, no takers, many watchers.  But built is built, making a different kettle of fish.

the 935 appeals to a different type of collector/fan and we are older, having either growing up having the R/C car way back when.....

or watching the real ones racing.   Been one 935 NIB sitting on ebay for a while out of japan  $945  plus shipping no takers.

  If your find had been the 934 58001 you would have had many offers beating down the doors.

Your kit will most likely never get built, who ever buys it.  old boxed is always better than enjoyed as meant

let me take a think over the weekend on a money where mouth is offer.



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Put the model up on Ebay, link to it is in the first post!

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