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Question: Kyosho Scorpion Wheels on Tamiya Hex

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Hey Mates,
how to mount Kyosho Scorpion wheels (the rear ones) on our beloved Hex drives?
In my search for nice Centerline style wheels i saw those gems but i wonder if they require some sort of adapter or do the Kyosho drives fit on our cars.


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If the Scorpion wheels are thick enough, you could cut a slot in the rear of the wheels mounting face, and have that engage with the cross pin in the Tamiya axles...??

Its also a bit difficult to tell in the photos, but I'm also wondering if those reinforcing ribs in the wheel come back far enough that they may engage on a regular hub that is fitted to The Frog, Hornet, Grasshopper etc.. If you needed narrower hubs, then you could use the alloy hubs off the Buggy Champ or 2010 Scorcher...

If both those ideas fail, use your Dremel to cut some grooves into the face of an alloy Hex just like the Kyosho drives.. Either that or glue some Hex drives to the back of the Scorpion wheels..

If all that you are after is some "Centerline" style wheels, then maybe some of these 1.5 inch Alloy Wheels will suit your needs..

Or if you want a cheaper option, you can buy just the 1.5 inch Alloy wheel covers to suit the stock plastic wheels....

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Ive just ordered the Kyosho hub, praying that it comes with the lockbolt  :/
you can see on the second pic that kyosho have some sort of bolt....anyone got a part# for this?Kyoshodrive.thumb.jpg.7d2ff85eba6e61b29e3363c969343035.jpg

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