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FS restored original sand scorcher

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Hi guys,


I am considering selling some of the collection as it is becoming to big and i have to move to a new house.

Maybe they can find a lovely new home 

Third is this original Sand Scorcher.

 It is completely original and restored with a few re re parts (bumper, electronic box, and new gears)

The car has been driven but has since a few years spent its time on the shelf 

There is no esc nor msc incl and also no servo. the main steering link is still there.

the only things missing are 1 of the screw/spring that holds the electronic box closed and also the rear oil dampers.

I have the front ones, brand new in plastic bag still to be mounted on the car but the rears are missing.

the nose piece has a small crack in it at the bottom just above the bumper but is is hardly noticeable.

There is a standard 540 engine mounted.

I am off course open for offers.

Paypal available between friends offcourse

I live in Belgium






IMG_4295 (1).jpg







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