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Comprehensive List of All TA01, TA02 and DF01 Hop Ups and Other Option Parts

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After spending a long time digging through threads, trying to find a comprehensive list of all the period Hop-Ups for the DF01/TA01 platform and its descendants, I realized there were none. So I decided to make my own. I used futureworks' list as a base and expanded it from there.  It's still in progress, but its sorted by manufacturer, and I'm trying to get a link for an image of each hop up, preferably in original packaging for each item. I have used the exact terminology that Tamiya used for naming each Hop-Up. I hope this is helpful for people who want to make a "checklist" of sorts for their cars, or for others like me, who just wanted to see what was out there for this chassis. Please let me know if you have any additions or suggestions, or if you have any corrections.

Period Correct TA01/TA02/Manta Ray/Dirt Thrasher/Blazing Star/Top-Force Hop Ups


Limited Edition Anodized Aluminum

49068 Aluminum King Pins (Blue) (same as 53157)

49092 Aluminum Servo Stay (Blue) (same as 53308)

49096 Aluminum Servo Stay (Pink) (same as 53308)

49098 TA03 Universal Drive Shaft (1 Pair) (Pink) (same as 53310, but Pink Ltd. Ed.)

49099 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (Silver & Blue) (same as 53280)

49100 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (Silver & Pink) (same as 53280)

49101 Aluminum King Pins (Pink) (same as 53157)


Limited Edition Plastics

49543 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Suspension Arms

49544 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Green Suspension Arms

49545 Fluorescent Green Adjuster Set

49546 Fluorescent Pink Adjuster Set

49547 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Gear Case Set (F & R)

49548 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Green Gear Case Set (F & R)

49549 4WD Fluorescent Gear Case (Pink)

49550 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Yellow Chassis

49551 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Orange Chassis

49552 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Green Chassis

49553 Fluorescent High Torque Servo Saver Set (Yellow)

49554 Fluorescent High Torque Servo Saver Set (Green)


49555 4WD FF Touring Car Fluorescent Orange Damper Spring

49556 4WD FF Touring Car Fluorescent Green Damper Spring

49557 4WD Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Damper Spring

49558 4WD Rally Car Fluorescent Pink Damper Spring

49559 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Plated Mesh Wheels

49560 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Plated Spoke Wheels


49567 TRF Acto tuned motor


49572 TA01 Chassis White Suspension Arms (F & R)

49573 TA02 Chassis White Suspension Arms (F & R)

49574 FWD Touring Car White Suspension Arms (F & R)

49575 Manta Ray White Suspension Arms (F & R)

49576 Castrol Celica Chrome Plated Wheel 4pc

49577 CVA Mini Shock Unit Set II White

49578 4WD TA02 & FWD Car Super White Chassis 

49579 4WD TA02 & FWD Car Fluorescent Orange Chassis 


53024 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut

53029 1150 Sealed Ball  Bearing Set (2 pcs.)

53030 850 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) (for servo hinges on 53166)

53042 Ball Diff Grease


53056 Pin Type Wheel Adapter (aluminum wheel hexes)

53068 RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor

53070 Manta Ray Ball Diff Set

53071 Manta Ray Torque Splitter Set

53072 Manta Ray Differential Ball & Plate Set

53073 Manta Ray Ball Bearing Set

53079 Manta Ray Stainless Steel Propellor Shaft Set

53095 3x10mm Titanium Tapping Screw (10 pcs.)

53098 4WD Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set

53099 Manta Ray F.R.P. Double-Deck Chassis Set

53100 Top-Force Carbon Graphite Chassis Set

53112 Top-Force Aluminum Pressure Plate Set

53115 Skyline GT-R Universal Shaft Set

53118 Skyline GT-R Hard Joint Cup Set

53124 3mm Tungsten-Carbide Diff Ball Set

53127 Skyline Speed Tuned Gear Set

53131 Skyline GT-R Aluminum Mesh Wheels

53140 Skyline GT-R Aluminum 6-Spoke Wheels

53141 4WD Touring & Rally Car Lightweight King Pins

53142 Touring & Rally Car Aluminum Motor Mount

53143 4WD Rally Car Skid Guard Set

53144 Touring & Rally Car Bushing & Ball Connector Set

53145 4WD Touring & Rally Car Urethane Bumper Set

53153 Acto-Power Touring Special Motor

53152 TA02 Short Type Hard Propeller Shaft

53155 Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set (Pink Std., Blue & Black Ltd. Ed.)

53156 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Hard Inner Sponge Set

53157 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis Aluminum King Pins

53161 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (Gold)

53162 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (Black)

53163 On-Road Tuned Spring Set (4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car)

53164 Touring & Rally Car Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft Set

53166 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis F.R.P. Chassis Set

53167 4WD Touring & Rally Car Bearing Set (TA02 Chassis)

53172 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis Universal Shaft Set

53189 4WD Touring & Rally Car Rear Stabilizer Set

53191 4WD/FWD Front Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set

53192 Turnbuckle Upper Arm Set

53193 FRP Front Damper Stay

53194 FRP Rear Damper Stay

53195 4WD/FWD Carbon Chassis Plates

53200 4WD Front One-way Diff Unit

53209 1/10 Touring & Rally Car Shaped Tire Insert (1 Pair)

53216 1/10 Touring & Rally Car Shaped Tire Insert, Wide (1 Pair)

53217 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Ball Diff) (replace 53267)

53218 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Gear Diff)

53219 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Pressure Plate Set

53226 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Front Hub Carrier (1 Pair)

53227 1/10 4WD/FWD Touring Car M2 Radial Tires (1 Pair)

53280 TA03 Super Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set

53310 TA03 Universal Drive Shaft (1 Pair) (same as 53172, except w/ blue anodized collar)

53325 TA03 Aluminum Knuckle Arms


53642 5mm Ball connector Blue

53596 Aluminum Servo Stays (Short)

58157 TA02 Special Chassis




AR Products




TA-20 Tamiya TA01 Top Force King Pin



TR-15FP Strong Front Lower Suspension Arms Upper Links TA01

TR32 Suspension Arm

TR32UF Tamiya TA02 Front Universal Shaft For Cross TR32 Susp Arm



6124 HPI Front One way for Tamiya TA01 TA02

6400 Rear Lowering set for Tamiya 4WD

6410 Front Lowering set for Tamiya 4WD

8011 Tamiya 4wd fiberglass chassis set

HJ060 Tamiya TA02 Chassis (longitudinal battery)



TU-07 Tamiya TA01 Tie Rod Set

TU-10 Tamiya TA01 Aluminum Rear Sus Arm

TU-11 Tamiya TA01 Adjustable Upper Arm

TU-13 Tamiya TA01 Turnbuckle Tie Rod Set

TU-?? Tamiya TA01 Aluminum Front Sus Arm



K-0810 Universal Shaft. Long Suspension Arm (Tamiya TA01, FF01)

K-1104 One Way Joint Cup (Tamiya TA01 TA02 TA02W)

K-1552 Titanium King Pin (Tamiya TA01 Series)

K-1902 Front One-Way Unit (Tamiya TA01, TA02, TA02W)




TA02 Nitro Conversion


P&C Racing

TA2048 Tamiya TA02/FF Anodized Alloy Steering Assembly


Rainbow Products

TC-010 Alum Rear Upper Arm (Tamiya TA01)

TC-012 Alloy Spindle (Tamiya TA01)

TC-014 Alum Front Upper Arm (Tamiya TA01)

TC-016 Body Lifter (Tamiya TA01)

TC-032 Side Protector (Tamiya TA01)


Tech Racing

TFF-14 Tamiya FWD FF01 TA02 Complete Rear Upper Suspension Links

TSC-2F Front Universal Shaft (Tamiya TA01)

TSC-9W Super Tie Rod Set (Tamiya TA01)

TSC-11 Tamiya TA02 TA01 4WD Prerunner Front Strut Bar Brace 

TSC-16 Adjustable Upper Link, Rear (Tamiya TA01)


Thunder Tiger

6118-A TA02 Gas Conversion Kit


Tobee Craft




Tamiya RC CARS Bible Catalog TA01 TA02 4WD Rally & FF FWD 1995 Volume-2

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Great list, must have taken a far bit of time.

I'm lucky enough to have a hopped up TA02 but mine has some more hop ups(Tamiya)







Last 3 for the F.R.P Chassis set and F.R.P Damper stays.


There are also the pink versions of the kingpin(49101) and servo stays(49096)

Plus the SILVER & PINK TA03 damper set (49100)

TA03 Super Low Friction Damper set (53280)

53209 Shaped Tyre Inserts

53216 Wide Shaped Tyre Inserts


Plus all the Hop Up tyres 



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Great list!

I will have a look through my aftermarket hop ups at home. I should still have all the cards somewhere to find the partnumbers.

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9 hours ago, Backlash said:

What about the HPI centre battery chassis for the FF01 and TA02??

I forgot about that one,but I did some research and it's part # HJ060, I'll add it to the list

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SS-400 Active Upper Arm Front

SS-401 Active Upper Arm Rear

GMT-016 TA02 Graphite Chassis Set


Tech Racing:

TTC-6F Super Stabilizer (Front)




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There's a company in China that does anodised alloy parts but they're a bit iffy. I bought a blue prop shaft which was a poor fit and ended up having to modify the gear boxes with a dremel so it could spin freely without the joints rubbing. Didn't mind too much because at the time it was just a basher for the street. I ended up selling the car on ebay as a complete replica shelf queen ta02 racing special full of hop up parts...

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