OK then! First of all, a couple of Californian sunshine shots (now it's finally stopped raining these past few weeks!) Having bought an expensive aerosol can of Arles Blue ($37 inc. shipping!) - I took the opportunity to blow over the cab footwells/bulkhead too, along with the engine bay - where I added salt to the previous corrosion areas in an effort to preserve the deteriorated paint finish there...   It turns out the winter sun was a little harsh to get some good detail shots outside, so it was back into the 'studio' (that is a cardboard box used as a spray booth on a bench in the garage ;o) photo. new snub-nose look - this cheap Chinese made winch-bumper [which I originally bought for the Jeep build] turned out to be the perfect size and shape for the Defender front end. As I mentioned above, rather than try to incorporate the original headlights (the buckets would no longer fit anyway) or try to squeeze an alternative under the new bonnet lip while clearing the Warn winch, I elected to just put running-light/turn-signals on the engine bulkhead, and mount a pair of large spot-lights to the bull-bar instead. note. the metal 'Defender' badge has been reinstated too.   photo. rust effect using a red-oxide base layer, then wetting and adding salt where I want the paint to flake, then spraying the top coat - in this instance satin black. The winch is still a bit shiny of course, but it's likely to get a suitable layer of dust (and even mud) once the revised truck get's it maiden voyage in the dirt. I love the fact that RC4WD include a spring catch on the winch hook, and that the rollers on the fairlead actually rotate too! note. also, currently the winch is not wired up to actually work - I hope to address this at the same time as wiring up the 8274 on the Jeep build, using a remote key-fob. However, while I've designed the Jeep underpinnings to acommodate two full-size stick pack batteries, the Defender only has space for a single pack, so winch use will have to be sparing I feel.   cont.  
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