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Was searching thru eBay and came across these 2 being sold for what I though was way too cheap! I looked at the pics and decided to take a gamble and hope for the best! I’ve always wanted a Wild One and Subaru Brat and have the re releases of both of them already.

Once they arrived, I took a closer look and confirmed that they were in near mint condition minus the obvious dirt and dust. The only real issue is the Brat has non stock rear tires and is missing the top of the steering wheel. I ended up just washing the Brat body just to make sure nothing was hidden under all the dirt and dust but will get to cleaning the rest of it at a later time.

I was really interested in cleaning up the Wild One, which was one of those cars I always wanted as a kid. The paint was looking kind of sad, the roof looked like a dark brownish black and the body didn’t have enough paint on it and was somewhat transparent. Luckily, a little time with some old nitro fuel and the paint is now ready for a respray. I’ll need to get some repro decals when that time comes tho. I got the car all taken apart and cleaned, then reassembled it using hex hardware. Still have 

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