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F150 SRB Tribute w/ ORV Chassis

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So you’ll want to replace the axle (BA24) with the axle from part MD6.  The axles are just pressed (squeezed) into the plastic arms so you can press them in/out.


As far as gearing, here are notes I made for myself long ago.

And to answer your question, yes you could use the Frog pinion on the BF counter gear.  So you are correct and I was wrong - sorry my bad!



Blackfoot Counter: 52T outer, 17T inner

Blackfoot Diff: 48T

Frog Counter 01: 49T outer, 18T inner (high speed)
Frog Counter 02: 50T outer, 18T inner (standard)
Frog Counter 03: 52T outer, 18T inner (Torque)

Frog Diff: 47T

Thorp Counter (standard): 52T outer, 18T inner (Thorp #4520)
Thorp Counter (overdrive):  48T outer, 18T inner  (Thorp #4530)

Thorp Diff: 47T (Throp #4506)

The Blackfoot Counter, the Frog Counter 03, and the Thorp Counter (standard) are all 52T and are the same diameter.  The Frog 50T is slightly smaller, with the 49T being smaller still...

The 18T Frog and the Thorp Counter inner gears are the same diameter. The 17T BF inner is slightly smaller...

The 47T Frog and the Thorp Diff are the same diameter, and the 48T BF is slightly larger.

The Frog and BF gears are the same thickness, and the Thorp are slightly thicker.

IMO, the Thorp system is a clone of the Frog stuff... and that the 17T is slightly smaller to accommodate the slightly larger 48T Diff on the BF... It solves the riddle of why each set of gears is marked with the car! You wouldn't want to put a BF Counter on a Frog Diff!

That said, the Thorp stuff should plug-and-play with the Frog stuff...



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Here's a few pics of my WIP ORV Ranger, anyone else working on one? Other WIP project is a CC01 Brat






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My F150 XLT tribute is about done I think. Came out pretty good, my detailing skills aren't the best in the world. 3D printed parts include the center servo mount and RX tray (seen in my previous post), front push bar and lights, grill, rear brace stiffeners, and the roll bar. Has a Tamiya Sport Tuned 540, full bearings, and Dubro steering links. Front shock tower and roll bar lights came from AE, front shocks are Tamiya shorts. Figured here would be better than a new thread, easier for others to find and get ideas. I'm debating reprinting the front push bar in white, so maybe not 100% done.









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Very nice job well done 

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