Yesterday I thought I’d make a start on the tear down and rebuild to see what was going on within the Levant. I can happily report that it comes with full metal bearings throughout, so if Tamiya can fit bearings in an XB build, why oh why can they not supply bearings in kits?!   I know that the Levant is meant to have a 16t Brushless motor out of the box, but I really don’t like the look of the prop shaft, it looks a little flimsy for my liking.  I know.... my TB01 rally car is only running brushed power, but has a very nice alloy GPM prop shaft, I’ll swap them over, shouldn’t be too difficult.   And this is where it goes horribly wrong in the fact that my quick 30 minute job turns into nearly 6 hours.   I decided that the Levant will be running brushless like Tamiya intended,  my only issue.... I don’t have a spare power system, and I can’t afford one yet, but I do have a decent setup within my TT02B, and I hardly run my TT02B, so I’m going to use the system out of the TT02B and retire that one to the shelf with its metallic pink body and wheels.   So it will be running a Speed Passion 10t And Hobbywing 10BL60 with a 19t ti coated pinion gear. And a Savox 1056TG servo and flysky Rx.   So I strip with electrics out of the TT02B, and the prop out of the TB01. Now the TB01 has a splined prop shaft which is fine, the problem now arises that the Levant has D shaped prop ends like that comes on the Tamiya Alloy and carbon fibre propshaft for the TB01. Not an issue, I’ll swap the pinion gears over for the crown wheels in the diffs. All 4 diffs stripped and pinion gears swapped over between the TB and Levant.   Rebuild and I decide to test the diffs are working to find that all the diffs lock up when fitted with the prop, so I strip them back down to see that the crown wheel pinion gears are different sizes, the Levant has smaller pinion gears than the TB01. The crown wheels look the same on both models, but just to be sure, I swap over the crown wheels from the TB to the Levant. Then rebuild the diffs again. The TB01 diffs are now working perfectly, but the front Levant diff keeps locking up.    I strip rip it down again, to find a small stone wedged in between the teeth of the crown wheel, with that removed and rebuilt again, the front diff is working fine.   I can report that Tamiya aren’t shy when applying AW Grease into the diffs, crown wheels, and dog bone ends.   Now I start to fit the prop shaft from the Levant into the TB, get th front gearbox back on and attempt to fit the front part of the prop shaft to find the front prop shaft bearing carrier is a different size between the models, so they get swapped over the Levant, the bearing carrier on the Lv is bigger than the TB. Now I can fit the front part of the prop into the front gearbox. After some faffing around I get the rear part of the prop shaft fitted. And then spend the next 20mins trying to get the rear gearbox fitted. OMG it’s a total pain and just won’t line up, but eventually it slots into place, and gets refitted.   One thing I forgot to mention, along with the way of swapping over the crown wheels, the original diff from the TB01 got fitted into the TT02B to overcome an issue I had, so I had to swap them diffs back over between the TT02B and then TB01 because the crown wheel on the TT02B is fitted with 4 screws and the TB01 is fitted with only 3.   The Levant is fitted with Tamiya harden steel drive cups which is nice they are the same as TT01 and DF01 ones.   Currently, TT02B rebuilt as sat as a roller. TB01 rebuilt with Levant steel prop and crown wheels and pinion gears. Levant, rebuilt with GPM alloy prop, TB01 crown wheels and pinion gears, but no wheels or body.   All in all, it took around 7 hours for the swaps which is about 6 hours longer than I wanted it to.   Now I’ve just gotta find somewhere to host pictures.
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