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Drilling holes for lights on Tamiya Grasshopper? Help please.

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Personally I would put them in the stock locations, either modifying the stock dummy spots to hold LEDs, or fitting them in housings designed for the purpose such as these:



The front spotlights are part of the iconic Grasshopper look, and I think it is important that they are fitted in the right place.

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6 hours ago, WillB888 said:

I recently got a grasshopper but I am not sure where to put the front lights. Here is the link for them:


They work really well, but I am not sure where to put them. I could 3d print a mounting device, but where to put that?

those are just 5mm LEDs in generic panel mounts meant for electrical instruments :lol: they look really naff on an RC

c'mon it's 2018, we can do better!

plenty of spotties now for sale, don't even have to DIY 3D print... here's some I came across earlier today whilst browsing


although im pretty sure I've seen those light pods sold alone without LEDs for much cheaper, just add your own LEDs 

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