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Can a Leimbach 9401 folding crane be mounted on a Mercedes Benz Arocs 3363 model?

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Hi! I want to someday buy a Mercedes Benz 3363 Arocs tamiya model and I want to add the Leimbach folding crane to the model.

But, I'm wondering if it is even compatible at all for the truck to build one of those commercial crane garbage trucks found in European countries.

(Note this is my first post, so I don't know exactly how things work on the site.)

Thanks in advance!

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14 minutes ago, Tamiyabigstuff said:

Assume you mean this :

Description states it is designed for Tamiya & Wedico trucks and the manual can be downloaded from a link on that page - it is in German but with good illustrations.

Rather expensive !

Thanks! Yeah, It's expensive. But I'm gonna get it someday once I start saving up for it. Now, I'm wondering what are the dimensions

of the crane itself to see if there's enough clearance between the crane and a tipper trailer I'd like to add.

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