AYK or Tsukuda?

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Hello, i'm Johan from Belgium, last week i bought an old rc car and i never seen or heard anything from this car.
The brand on the box is Tsukuda but this brand is only known for static model kits and puppets...
I happen to have also an old AYK from 1979 i think, and this car has the same wheels and rear axle, in the Tsukuda box are two optional gears and thy are marked AYK. The chassis is also black anodized.
Maybe someone know something about this car?
Thank you.20180207_122339.jpg.6f275ad425d8c137e1c44dfa5b89441e.jpg20180212_145331.jpg.f509fd6b48c03f548eda98cf4d3eadad.jpg20180212_141854.thumb.jpg.48e5e32b1dd35c78b5385673edee7d84.jpg20180212_142918.thumb.jpg.dde7b826adcf618942fa8855b8f1df67.jpg20180212_145216.thumb.jpg.619476fd8be562340c84e158797bc609.jpg20180212_145029.thumb.jpg.6a7323ae3cc88f5bc3048afa16e85ed5.jpg20180212_145055.thumb.jpg.cf61e4fdeef1d99a4a11ede52a091f46.jpg

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