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TT02B - Neo Scorcher - Upgrade Advice

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Hi, I’m looking for some some advice. I’m currently In the process of upgrading my 10 year olds TT02B as he want’s more speed & better handling. I’m not looking to spend a fortune as this is only used for bashing over the park etc. The car is currently stock with the exception of a 15T HPI Firebolt Motor.  

The upgrades i have purchased so far are - 

  1. Full Turnbuckle set
  2. Alloy motor mount
  3. Alloy prop shaft & joints
  4. Alloy steering assembly.
  5. Full rubber bearing ballrace set.

A few questions I have - 

  1. Is the high gear set worthwhile.
  2. What size pinion would you all recommend.
  3. looking for some larger wheels/tyres to increase ground clearance & give improved off road performance.


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You dont mention Ballrace Set, first thing to do on all cars.

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I have a fully upgraded tt02b ms with pretty much every option minus aluminum arms. I would first upgrade to metal gears esp if you want a faster motor. The high speed gear set gives you an option of any size spur. I use the the one it comes with which i forget what it is, maybe 67t. I now have a castle 4600kv sidewinder in mine with a 25t pinion. Prior to that i used a firebolt 15t,a reedy radon 17t and yeah racing 13t. The reedy was actually the fastest but ran to hot basically however i geared it. If you want to stay brushed i would recommend a tamiya superstock 23t, it is faster than the 15t Firebolt. For brushless your options are limitless. For tires i use proline dirt hawgs for all around, they are a little bigger than your standard 2.2 tires. 

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