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kwkenuf's CC01 Landfreeder

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Quick background on how I came around to this model.  I wanted a rig that I could take with me on my walks back through the "woods" and around a field.  I wanted something that only went at about a walking pace and could handle some moderate off-roading.  I originally was looking at crawlers and almost got an Ascender.  I just could never get over what the final price $$ might end up being.  The SCX-10ii didn't really do anything for me as it seemed like eeeeevvvvverybody has one.  I started looking into the CC01 because of it's "budget" price.  Upon reading through @Effigy3 Bronco build,  I decided I was getting one.  The Landfreeder body was the one I was drawn to the most.  So I started ordering stuff...


As you can see from the picture,  bearings,  80T motor,  HW1080,  Aluminum motor mount,  and some mud tires.

Took me a bit to get started as I first wanted to get a new work bench put up to build on.


That will do.  Time to start building!

This won't be a super detailed thread.  Most of it will be built stock as far as suspension and steering for now.

Motor and front diff.  Did not lock the diff,  but did use a liberal amount of AW grease.


Rest of the front gears,  and in the chassis.



My how quickly the workbench gets cluttered...  :unsure:


Stopped there and resumed a couple of days later.

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Next up was working on the bottom side of the chassis.  Driveshaft and damper mounts and getting the front suspension together.




I had to cut that night short.  When I came back the front suspension got mounted as well.


Next was the rear end.  Locked the diff.  Used the bronze bushings from the kit to replace the plastic pieces.  To take the play out of the axles I ended up using some coated washers I had from rebuilding the front end of my Stampede.  One between the bearing and bushing was perfect for the axles.  I also put a washer on the pinion gear.  Worked slick.  No play,  but also not bound up tight.




Then moved onto the rear suspension.  I can see why people do the Junfac kit.  I am undecided if I will just buy it or do my own.  Gonna price out the pieces,  might be cost/time effective to just buy it.



Things got delayed to yet another night.  Dampers next.


During the build with the first two in my homemade damper holder.  Gentleman I work with gave me a bottle of Associated 25W damper oil.  They are built with that for now.  May be too thin?  Time will tell.


Didn't get pics of much else.  Digital servo I decided to try.  High torque and a good price.  Scanner makes servos for many "name-brand" companies.



This is where it currently sits.  Figuring out where the electronics will go.  HW 1080 ESC,  and Futaba Rx.



During all this I also ordered some items from HobbyKing,  and am currently waiting for them to arrive.  Also have a round case Lipo on the way.

As far as plans for the body...  I will be using the metallic green shown in the first picture of the thread.  LED's in the front light canisters and some running lights on the roof.  Also some rear running lights and I am hoping working brake lights also.  That should all be fun.  And I have magnetic body mounts I want to use.

Thanks for following along.  Any tricks,  tips,  or hints along the way are welcome.  Can't guarantee they will be followed,  but they will be considered!  B)

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That was an embarrassing start to things,  screwed up the image links.  All fixed now.

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25wt a bit on thin side... it's more suited to "long throw" shocks IMHO... and it leaks out faster :) 

CC01's are like touringcar shocks; I usually go 40-50wt... whichever bottle is closer within reach. 

60-70wt is ok too if you're using 3-hole piston & only driving around very slowly. 

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Thanks for the info @WillyChang.  I had a feeling that oil might be too light,  but I went for it anyway.  What is the Tamiya yellow kit oil again?  Is it 400cst?  I have some Radient oil that is marked 500cst/40wt,  but not enough to do all four dampers.  Gotta try and make time to get to my LHS and pick up some more oil.

I really need to make time and at least get this runnable.  Life has presented more important “priorities” that have pushed toys to the back burner.  And I am terrible at documenting things like a bold thread.  Thanks for following along,  hopefully I will updating it in the next couple of days!

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Yeah yellow bottle is about 400cst 35-40wt... never officially mentioned afaik

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Trying to keep the ball rollin' on this build.  Got this done recently...





Unfortunately,  that's it.  :(

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