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Dodo Juice Car Waxes for sale.

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I am selling a few of my car waxes from my collection. Basuically they are not getting used and its just a waste. So popping them on here offering your guys a bargain before they head to evil bay and dum tree. ;) 

First up is Dodo Juice Capped in America, around 70% full still, its a nice soft wax.



Secondly we have Dodo Juice Black Widow, this was a Halloween special a few years back and was a limited pre order wax so inside the wax their is a plastic spider. The regular version of this no longer has the said spider inside. It is brand new and only opened to smell (don't ask) ;)



And lastly we have Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid. Around 90% left, a great wax, its a hybrid wax/sealant, so is very durable.





Prices include postage within the UK.


Capped in America - RRP new £39.95   -   £20 posted.

Black Widow - RRP new £34.95   -  £25  posted.

Supernatural Hybrid - RRP new £29.95   -   £15 posted.

Or all 3 for £50 posted within the UK. Thats less than 1/2 the RRP Price !! ;) 

Thanks, James.

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I've only ever used Turtle Wax on my cars. How much better are the waxes listed above, and what makes them a better choice than the Turtle stuff?



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Some give different results to the finish. The likes of Supernatural Hybrid has slightly less shine, but does give the paint a more depth like appearance. Black Widow is apparently made for dark coloured cars (although can be used on any colour) and the Capped in America is a very soft wax and is really easy to work with. I think I have around 40-50 different waxes in total, some quite collectable as well as only so many were made and individually numbered 😁


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