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Thundershot Thunder Dragon Terra Scorcher Fire Dragon Super A5 Part

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About a year ago I got bored (as most with this chassis do) of breaking A5 parts. So designed a Super A5! Much, much longer pin engagement, and reinforces. I have been it ever since including some big impacts that have written off a tub. Still solid. It is now available on my Shapeways store CTE RC. 


Here's the Super A5 next to the original. Taking advantage of the 58.5mm long M05 suspension shafts to extend and increased the wall thickness on the suspension mounting.

Thunder Dragon Super A5 part and new front shock mounts

And all installed. Need m3 x 20 machine screws to replace the original mounting screws.

Thunder Dragon Super A5 part and new front shock mounts

All back together and body on

Thunder Dragon Super A5 part and new front shock mounts20170529_09184320170529_09182020170529_091748

A5 parts have become very very expensive and the aluminium replacements are over £30 with shipping. This is quite a lot less than that, and as a bonus is available in loads of colours.

Hope you like it.


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