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Glueing Evergreen plastic to lexan

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Quick question...

I have some rather intricate plans for either a Unimog or Yota Cruiser to turn them into Paris Dakar models... 

I think I will want to use the lexan bodies and add on quite a bit pf styrene.

Before I go and ruin things, is there any issue I need to be aware of with this and any particular glue I need to use?

On a similar subject, I will be painting the lexan from the outside and also the styrene. I will want the 2 halves to match (and make the lexan less transparent) so would prefer to use a primer, but does a primer “flex” like the PS psints do or will I end up with cracks? If primer does not take to lexan I suppose I can use a black PS as a primer (renember I am painting the exterior) and a black primer on the styrene parts.

Any experience anybody has with this subject would be great to hear.

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I've glued styrene to lexan using Tamiya's 87038 Extra Thin Cement. You'll need to get it right first time as it melts/clouds the lexan.

I prefer to just use the very thin 19808234 double sided tape Tamiya supply with some kits, unless the item is too small for it to hold.

For example on this, the bonnet washer jets are glued, the antenna, roof transponder (yellow hockey puck thing), door handles are taped on.


If you're painting from the outside that will affect things, as the cement requires unpainted surfaces or it will just dissolve the paint.

I've not sprayed a complete body on the outside yet, but I've done areas like grilles, trims, front lips etc. Use PS as a primer yes, PS-55 Flat Clear is ideal as it won't affect any colour coats above. You could use white though. What's the body colour going to be?

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Hi Truck. Pleased you chipped in. Your lexan bodies are true masterpieces and are partly responsible for me looking at lexan in a new light.

Thanks Triumph, I have just discovered shoe goo... I like the way it works and am pleased to hear it does not eat lexan or something like that.

All my current fleet, apart from my 959, are ABS (Mountaineer / Fighting Buggy / Lancia 037 / Wild Willy) but I have a rather lovely CC01 replacement chassis (MST CFX with portal axles) and want a Unimog.

I have been enjoying some videos of 1980's Paris Dakar Rally recently and love the support trucks. This is the 'mog I am thinking of replicating. It ran as a support vehicle for the Honda bike team in 1986 (the same year that the Rothmans 959's raced and won). The Tamiya mog is 1/12 scale to so I think it would be rather nice to have this alongside a 959


Tamiya even make a 1/12 static model of the Honda 



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