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Display case idea

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2 hours ago, mongoose1983 said:

Have you got any pictures of that? Is it finished by now?


Not finished yet as I have been working away from home, however a couple of pictures

Bottom shelf is the floor (designed for the large TGM series nitro to go on the floor) then two above for other cars.


eventually when done the cars wont be stacked. These are all 1/8 TGX


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Some great ideas, unsure if anyone would use these but I recently came across the 'Besta Frame' (120 x 40 x 38) in Ikea, I think it's meant to be part of a lounge/TV setup but I just bought the frame part ~ £25 each!

Anyway to give you an idea I've put a few of my RC's in and you can see there's tonnes of space, some shorter models can go long ways in, you can buy shelves and probably have 2 per slot. Also they're wall mountable which if I get around to it will look great.


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26 minutes ago, S-PCS said:

All the Fords, a 959 AND a Celica? :o

LOL, I actually have the 58216 Escort missing but will get it sooner or later. These were the important ones. The Celica bootlid is signed by the original co-driver. The SS and Super Champ are needing the bodies doing and the Audi Quattro needs the body doing as well.Slowly getting on top of the collection and will try and get all of the cars painted in 2019. There are so many that need painting, around 30.

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Just an update, thanks to Ikea again...

If anyone is looking for a 'garage' size display box, I can recommend the Ikea Besta wall units, with glass doors:


photo. I also fitted a pair of their Ramsta battery operated LED lights inside to give it some 'mood' lighting.

Not the largest garage of course, but the internal dimensions are 22" x 14.4" x 12.75" high, so big enough for pretty much any 1/10 scale RC car - even my oversize crawlers!

They come in a range of cabinet and door colours - including all plain white if you wanted to paint the inside as an actual diorama for example?



photo. I chose the twin compartment wall unit (47" long), plus mounted a 5 LED strip/spot-lamp (1000 lumins) below to light my new workbench/desk:


photo. much better than the kitchen or dining-room table ;o)

Right, I suppose I'd better get back to work on the important stuff eh?

Jenny x

ps. the light cable will be tidied up of course, next time I pop out to the DIY store ;o)


pps. one more, now I've got some more Ramsta lights for the other side:


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My latest photo after painting the SuperShot




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I’m a Tamiya man to the bone but a whole room racked out with wall to wall quality would be a bit intimidating (and maybe invite curiousity of motives ?) ... even for me.

It’s also too much for anyone unfamiliar with the hobby to reliably take in.

I have 16 spots in 2 shelf floodlits - 8 at my home study / 8 at my office.

So - I get to unpack / move / maintain / rotate / run my collection - and my kids see everything in action ... with a corporate lure at work for anyone over 40.  

I guess it all depends why we show stuff guys ?

For me, I’ve found a blend of what I love + what I do :) 

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