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Hi, i'm new to RC and i'm looking to get a on-road car to join my local club. long story short i'm currently in the run for a TT-02R. I'm wondering though which engine i should put best in it. If possible i'd like to swap the engine and esc sometimes out with my traxxas slash to go of-road ( and crash :) ). I gave up on my slash some years ago after the engine broke and i replaced it with a slower one, it just wasn't fun anymore. So now i'm looking for a brushless set which hopefully can go into the TT-02 for driving with the club aswell as in the slash for just messing around. I'm just lost a bit with the KV and Turn numbers. The velineon engines can go 70+mph with 10T 3500kv while i saw a 5000KV 9T only doing about half that. i already read that for off-road you need to go high in turns and for on-road low in turns. Is there a golden midway that would make both cars "fast" ( but not wheelie 24/7 fast) ( e.g. my slash currently looks like a snail in the grass) in terms of KV and turns for on-road/off-road driving? i currently have my eyess upon a 12T 3700kv engine though i'm still not sure if that will be able to meet the requirements.





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When you say driving with the club, do you kean racing? You will need to find out what classes there are and buy a motor to suit. At my club the Touring cars run 21.5T blinky, 13.5T blinky and mod which is open motor and not blinky. Blinky means no timing or boost in the ESC. They also have  TT02 class which runs kit standard cars for very close racing.

You can also get motors specifically for tye bigger heavier offroad cars like the Slash.. Look at 550 sized or 4 pole motors, these have more torque.

I think you will be best to buy a motor and esc combo for each rather than getting one to swap between as they are quite different.

Lower turns mean higher rpm but less torque. However the extra torque means you can run higher gears, so the speed between a 21.5T and 6.5T isn't that different when geared properly to race. Speedruns are different as you don't have to worry about heat for a single run.

I believe the whole numbers like 4T, 9T etc are 380 rotors in a 540 can. This means they have less torque. The .5 numbers are true 540 motors, so lower rpm but more torque. You will want the 540 (or 550 for the Slash) so look for 21.5T, 17.5T etc

The kv number gives the indication of max rpm. Kv x volts = rpm, so 3,000kv motor with 8v battery should mean 24,000rpm.

Don't get too hung up about top speed, I race buggies in 17.5T blinky and touring car and F1 both with 21.5T blinky and they are plenty fast enough. After 18 months racing I would probably be able to enter my 4wd in mod buggy and  not come last, but really shouldn't be going to mod for another season or so.

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