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Hi all, newbie here. 

I've been mucking around with RC stuff for years now but I've only recently got into RC cars. I knew I wanted a kit as that's just way more fun than just opening a box and plugging it in and I loved the unique feel of the Tamiya stuff. After lots of looking and some telling off by the missus (I wanted nearly everything!) I got a really good deal on a Blitzer Beetle kit - £99 with my hobbyking points and that was that. 

A happy afternoon was spent hashing out the bare bones of the beetle. Loved the feel of it, very nice and springy. 


The guts of the car are super stock simple. Standard motor and esc with the kit and some radio gear, lipo and servo from my robot stuff. What was going to be the fun part for me was the decorating. I really like the box art but I didn't feel I could do a good enough job of it and it would just annoy me, mine being so imperfect. With my own design I could be very lenient (and I was!) 


Prepping the body for priming and coating. I'd epoxied the orange front part on and done my best to fill the gap. I swear araldites don't set as hard as they used to. Nightmare to sand. I know I should have done it with proper filler! 


By this point I had decided on my theme. I wanted to do some kind of Mad Max MFP pursuit beetle! I restrained from thinking too much about it. Just going to dob on paint and play it by ear. Never painted anything other than a couple airfix kits when I was little so it was a bit of an adventure. 





Still got a lot of touching up to go here and there as some paint ran and there was overspray. I learned a great deal in doing it, so I'm glad I had this learning curve. I'm sure by about the 5th shell I'll be making less **** ups... Maybe! It's gonna get bashed and crashed anyway so there is only so much milage in a pretty paint job. 




Even I thought the wheels were a bit far - but effective! 

I still have a bit to do, obviously but I'm happy with the progress. Bit more paint and a couple more decals and she can be run in anger. I've got a black can 'sport' motor coming so I'll see if that peps it up a bit or I'll have to raid my brushless supplies. 

While on an expedition out for paint I accidentally fell in love with another model. 


This I think has a brilliant look and I love the box art - while keeping the familiar frame. Polycarb shell should be a bit better for bashing too. Now they are way outside of my budget currently and seem to be a little bit more difficult to track down. Luckily I managed to snag one on ebay without a motor or any guts. Frame and shell in good nick but the rear tires are bald. Slapped in the basic kit and had a run around - great fun! 


Wondering how easy it is to strip paint out of a polycarb shell - though that said the yellow seems to fit with my theme! 

That's all for now, as with any new forum I apologize if I've committed any faux pas and await a gentle slap from an admin for posting rubbish :)

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Hey Hobgoblin. Love what you've done with that Beetle shell. Painting is a very specialist skill and painting accurately on the OUTSIDE of the shell, as you have to do with the ABS ones, is even tougher in my experience. So you've done a fine job to get a complex paintjob like that one looking good.

I do have some experience with painting Lexan/Polycarb, though. As far as I am aware, it used to be impossible to remove paint from polycarb bodies with any degree of thoroughness as the old-style paints used to chemically bond with the surface of the plastic. I think most dedicated polycarb paints are now water-based, though, so they may react differently. I don't know how old that shell is, but if it is painted with Pactra or a similar formulation then you will never get it all off. My advice would be to try and source another shell. There are various companies who make reproduction shells or other pick-up bodies which might fit and they are often cheaper than genuine Tamiya items, so it is worth shopping around.

But remember that if you're painting Lexan you normally have to paint it from the inside, meaning that anything you paint will come out backwards. It's amazing how many people I know who have forgotten this.


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Thanks for the reply + kind words. 

I'm going to probably keep the shell as is, but try and detail it with some vinyl on top. I will also try and look for reproduction bodies. Any names or sites worth looking at? 

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There used to be a strange embargo on discussing reproduction bodyshells and decals on this site and I could never understand why. However, this rule seems to have been loosened, so hopefully we can discuss this without the admins coming in and getting cross with us.

I recently bought a repro shell for an old Marui Hunter from Team Blue Groove, a repro manufacturer from Canada. I don't know their exact range as they only list on ebay and even then not always with their full stock. They don't have a proper website, but they are connected to MCI, who make repro decals for most RC models. Look up MCI decals on Google and there is a link to TBG's email address. I emailed them recently and they said they have closed their ebay shop until the end of August for reasons which remain mysterious, but contact them to see if they make what you want. Their prices are really reasonable, too.

There is also a company called Kamtec, who I think are British, who make repro bodies for a lot of vintage RC cars. I think I have a couple of their Beetle shels waiting to be painted.

Other than that I think HPI also make repro shells, although I have never bought one. Other TC users might have a longer list of manufacturers.

Hope that helps.

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From the 'Club And Forum Rules' thread:

18. Due to recent legal issues, no manufacturer is permitted to advertise reproduction parts on any part of Tamiyaclub. Adverts for reproductions of (but not limited to) decals, bodyshells, driver figures, tyres are all banned. This is for products from all related manufacturers, not just Tamiya
Links to sites distributing repro goods will also be removed and any 'homemade' products bearing branding or art will also be deleted.

Wanted ads or posts for repro goods will also be deleted.

Well that wasn't an advert, that was just me saying who made them. If anyone wants to pay me to pro mote their products at any point I will take it under advisement. All very peculiar.

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Thanks Yalson, now I know!

I'm down the road from kamtec relatively speaking, so I might end up seeing whats what.

Thought it was overdue I had a look at the stadium blitzer as that has become my go to for bashing around with as it just handles so nicely. 


A lovely colour spectrum (kind of!) of motors. I was eagerly awaiting the black can " sport tuned" motor and having it in hand was very nice indeed. I was a little let down by its performance in the Stadium though but I am mostly putting that down to my tires - more to follow on that. The sport tuned will be going in the Blitzer Beetle as I don't want silly speeds in that, my way of trying to save the paint job! Also shown is a 3000kv brushless motor that came out of one of my robot projects, I like this motor for being an exact 540 copy. Made the spacing of the pinion a wee bit easier. This is what went into the Stadium in the end. 


Tires looking a bit sad! I really need to get a new set. Waiting for stock to come in and payday to roll around. Until then I will be using some generic 1/10 wheels from ebay.


Mounted the setup and took it out for a spin. Amazing fun! lots of kick and plenty of speed, despite the slightly odd look with the different rear tires. I will need to look into making a wheelie bar though as it can flip itself with hard throttle. Next job is just neatening up the wiring loom and maybe replacing the servo (which works but sounds horrible) I have decided to just clean up the current shell and add some vinyl over the top of the polycarb. 


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Hey all, 

Got a little tired of scraping dirt and grass out of the frame so I made myself a little cover for the stadium Blitzer out of HDPE. Nothing particularly special - just something to keep the worst of the elements out. 


I also found that it mounted a camera rather well!  The Stadium is a bit of a mish mash at present moment as I'm still waiting on the proper tires and some vinyl to pretty it up a bit. 


But the sun was out so I thought myself and the missus should head down to the park, relax and I could bother the dogs with the cars! Got some okay ish footage :)



Hopefully the next time I update this I shall have some proper tires and have the detailing on both cars done! 

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Some new tires for the Pursuit Blitzer came - happy days! I'm very happy with the look and feel of them. The reduced grip and speed takes a little getting used to but overall I'm happy. It could be faster and more aggressive but then I think I'd start flipping it and then its goodbye paintjob! The sport tuned motor gets a bit hot after use but handles it all rather well. 


I'm calling the PB done for now. Its not breaking any records - but its not breaking either! I think I will be happily bashing that around the car park on lunch breaks for a while :) 

I'm still keeping an eye out for stadium blitzer body shells but I'm not holding out much hope. Putting the pennies away and hoping the model shop doesn't sell out in the meantime is my current plan! 



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^^ We will ride eternal, shiny and chrome!  Still saving up for a Road Warrior sleeve - still the best of them IMO

Did some work on my Stadium Blitzer. I never tore it down when I first got it as it all seemed to work and I rushed to fit electronics and have a play! During some of the horrible weather bouts I decided to do some upkeep. First of all was changing out the steering servo to one of my "standards" Over double the torque, faster, metal geared and it sounded a badword of a lot better. For some reason it also feels like i'm missing a few degrees of movement each side but for the increase in speed and reliability I'm not too fussed. 



The gearbox was caked in filth and the shocks had a load of mud and dust on them too. Most of my go-to cleaning methods are too harsh for RC, especially ABS parts so I had a bash with plain old soap and water and had a lovely time making the kitchen into a tip


Cleaned the gear out too as it had a bit of a mixture of greases festering in its teeth. It is still a bit stained but was okay. Profile on the teeth is still perfect post brushless so that kind of gives me the incentive to push it a bit harder :) Didn't snap any pictures but I cleaned the dif out and packed that out with some grease. I wanted it pretty stiff as it was way too free the way it was. Although I discovered my boss has his Traxxas stampede packed out with blu tak! 

While I was spring cleaning I also thought I might change the shock oil. What came out made me glad I did! I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be this horrible grey gravy!


With fresh tamiya oil in it felt a lot nicer so I think it was definitely worth doing. 


All ready for me to dirty up again! I can almost understand why some people don't like to run their models. It felt a lot nicer to turn - it was very free and the suspension was vastly improved. 

After a little digging on the forums and on youtube I found some new tires that would fit and hopefully eliminate my early balding problems (regarding tires at least) 


Whilst they don't retain the same "coolness" as the stock tamiya rears I must say I do rather like the look of them and I think it will be a good upgrade. The grip seems to have improved too. I have held off gluing them as I am debating buying some new rims (or just sitting and cleaning up the old glue and rubber from the current ones - lazy me) 


Looking a tad weathered and hard run by but it still hammers along perfectly and I'm still in love with this truck! 

All for now. Hopefully by the end of the week I will get a package that will help me on my way to do weird and wonderful things with a Subaru Brat :) 

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So a few bits happened.

I was super happy with my new rear tires. The car handled super well and the tires were still new after a good scrape around. However when I let my boss have a go there was an unfortunate 'wheelectomy' and the hapless newly proline'd rear went happily rolling along the car park and under our barrier - into the road! 


A bit of a sad sight. Trust it to happen on the first outing. Luckily he was a gent about it (when he had stopped laughing that is) and ordered me a new set (aqroshot I think) 


Now I have some fronts to match and I am so pleased with the handling, height and overall look. My shell is unfortunately starting to crack however :( but such is the life of a RC car I suppose but if there are any good methods to try and keep splits together I would be grateful to hear them.  


I always liked the appeal of kit RC and what better than a kit I have to design myself! I had acquired a cheap hobbyking 4wd buggy not so long back but it was a big clunky delicate thing and it just wasn't much fun. I set about stripping it down to the bare bones and designing myself a new frame to match the wheelbase of the Blitzers (since i felt that was a size I liked) I wasn't quite sure it wouldn't handle like ******* since I cut 70mm out of the length but it was a fun experiment nonetheless. I planned to run some kind of tamiya bodyshell as I still feel they have the best look. Now part of my job involves dealing with a lot of lasercut materials and we were doing an order of 3mm aluminium. I asked if i could lump in with the order. 


chucking it all together. Just went with a silvercan 540 and a stock esc on 2s to test it out. The gearing and the 4wd made the 540 very unhappy but it proves it drives. I think brushless is going to be the plan. 


Somebody on this forum had a poylcarb Subaru Brat shell for sale and I couldn't resist. At least now its properly 4wd! I love the look of the Brat and I think it will lend itself well to some Max Max wasteland treatment :) The rack on the back my boss brought back from a lunch time trip to the hobbyshop and it fits pretty perfectly. 


Lastly I got myself a polycarb body for the blitzer beetle and I thought I'd try for a really different look while I was at it. Some Proline Badland tires gives it an almost Monster Beetle vibe! 


I had to make a 3d printed hub to fit the tire on as i misread it as 2.2 where in fact one side is 3"  I think it will work okay, ready to be proved wrong however. 

Got a couple bodies to paint up and some wiring to tidy now, cheers :) 

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For splits you could try shoo goo (shoe goo) and / or cricket bat repair or drywall tape. I’ve got the self-adhesive cricket bat tape but haven’t used it yet.

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Hi guys, instead of getting lots of little bitty posts whenever I change a bodyclip I thought I'd save anything I do for a bigger (hopefully better) update. 

Stadium Blitzer:


Motor is the same 540 brushless as before but I felt like I needed a bit more grunt. So I thought I would trial 3s. I ended up using a very large 1/8th scale 120a purely for the voltage, plus I figured it wouldn't do any harm. Programmed settings so that it doesn't wheelie instantly and scrape/crack the back end of the bodyshell. I still adore the blitzer but having the back being 10-15mm shorter would have been nice!  Went to 50wt in the shocks and I'm amazed how much nicer it feels now. 


And yes, no more battered 2nd hand yellow shell for me, although I still use that for harder bashing I managed to get hold of a couple bodies and some decal sets - I'm so happy. Even if the truck is a little scruffy, its a toy and its going to be played with! I have some plans to print a custom bathtub and maybe some arms now I have access to a printer that can handle carbon/abs and continuous fibre. Something a bit stronger than the moulded ABS and with a lid to keep the elements out! 

Being run gently in the dirt on a lunch break!

Manta Ray:

So, my blitzer is happily setup for tracks, dirt and concrete but my new walk to work takes me past a rather large, rather quiet (at 7am anyway) playing field. A couple of failed attempts on wet grass and similar surfaces left me beached and wheel spinning. A going back to stock tires would probably help, but I fancied a new project. Something with 4wd. While slumped in a post dinner comma, i was browsing ebay and came a cross a listing that was just ending. For about 45 quid I had myself a vintage Manta Ray!


While the box is bashed to badword I still got some enjoyment out of it, having a look over the drawings and artwork. I will say this now and fear the consequences but I actually do not like the looks of the manta ray. Just not a fan. Feels like a kid got mixed up building a model jet fighter, space rocket and RC car and just ran with it anyway. 


Out of the box, I actually softened a little bit on the body shell. It sat a lot better in reality than it has in pictures or the box art. Still, it was off to ebay for the shell to have a few quid for the rest of the rebuild.



Look at those internals! Everything had a light coating of grime and horror but it was actually not so bad. The twin ACOMS servos did actually work albeit at a snails pace. The 27MHz am RX was fantastic through sheer size. This was also my first look at a mechanical speed controller - I'm pretty glad I came into the hobby well after the reign of these!


After the bits were stripped out I could have a proper look. Everything seemed okay condition. The only bits that were truly shot were things I was planning to change anyway


Check out that suspension!  The front are horrible springy and the back are solid.  In fact I'm not sure what the rear shocks are. They're the right colour but that's where the similarity ends.


Am watching a couple of shock sets on ebay at the moment which sit around the £20 mark but for a just few dollars more I could get a full set of absima/carson. Undecided. 


In stripping the gearboxes I found they were basically without any grease and the diffs were a bit sorry due to being bone dry. Nothing looked overly worn though so it was all good to go right back in with a clean and lube


I ended up doing a few loads of parts in an ultrasonic cleaner that my works has. I mixed a bit of kero in with the water and it all came up a treat 


Didn't go mad with the clean up as I fully intend to get it dirty again. A lot of the fasteners were too far gone - I sorted them into good and bad. Ultimately I replaced a lot of the screws with stainless M3 


Sanded back the propshaft and tried my best to straighten it. Gave it a super quick coating to make sure it doesn't instantly rust again with the salty sea air. 


Gifts from the postal gods! Bearings! Yes as stock this car was still running on bushings, which explained a lot of the stiffness. These lot were about £14 and they were an absolute necessity. Having ball bearings in a gearbox like this was light night and day. I didn't measure any current before and after but I can imagine a huge decrease in load.


A fairly easy job to just give the shafts a quick sand and oiling before reinstalling. I didn't want to run the aluminium gears as general opinion is that they are more of a failure point than the plastic. But while I was waiting for the plastic gearset to arrive i plonked them in for the sake of it.


Rebuilt the steering and installed one of my current cheapy favourite turnigy servos. Unsurprisingly a bit more responsive than the ACOMS!


Hobbyking 2s lipo and esc getting positioned. Its one of the Nicad style hardcase packs so it can fit into the Manta ray's body without having to hack away at the frame.



Got a 18t hardened steel pinion to replace the 21t aluminum stock. Hoping this is enough with a 3900kv motor to make it fairly nippy. Also got my replacement gears, I only used two of them, but its good to have spares!


Fresh gears before greasing and running in. Hoping it ends up a bit quieter than it would with the aluminium gears. All turns really smoothly though. I do rather think the gearbox is pretty cool and uniquely tamiya! 


Add some cheap buggy tires and away we go! Loving the look so far. I need to change the shocks asap. Its a bit cobbled together at the moment with the original fronts (worn and horrible) and some rear ones that came off a toy monster truck that just happened to fit. I will be putting some pennies aside for a new front shock mount and new suspension once the missus Christmas presents are bought - I know my prioritises at least! 

Got a body coming for it though and then I can focus on how to make it something to properly enjoy!

Thanks for reading


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The odd yellow ones are kyosho shocks I think, they where pretty terrible from memory. 

I have a pile of cva v1’s from manta rays/top force i don’t use, prefer cva v2 myself. 

Loving all the builds.

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Thanks for the identification! Yes they are awful, the condition and age of them aside.

Still deciding what I want to do with shocks. money unfortunately dictates it and when a set of originals costs more than different brand (which look better quite honestly) 

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Time for a bit more Manta ray!



Got my new body shell from ebay and I was really taken by it straight away. Loving the look of it and I think all this is beginning to convert me into a buggy guy not just trucks. Think it was about £20 and well worth it - came with an undertray which I didn't really need as I am using the stock ABS bathtub. As cool as the sexy carbon decks are, they alone are way more than the car or any of the new parts cost alone.


I took a few liberties with the cutting out but I'm happy with it and that's what counts. I went with silver, as when I eventually upgrade the shocks the whole car should coordinate with reds, silvers and blacks. I want to get some sponsor decals and odds and sods for it but I will probably add some custom vinyls


Sitting pretty but not mounted, please try and blank the yellow shocks from your mind for now.


Mounting the body got a bit Heath Robinson but thems are breaks. I mounted the undertray to the bathtub frame with M3 stainless buttonheads and wrapped some 3m Velcro around the whole lip and around the whole of the inside of the body shell. Far from pretty or sensible but it works better than it has any right to.  

Pretty happy with it there. Top on the list is the suspension, followed by a new front shock tower as I have discovered a small crack in the plastic. Then just making pretty with the decoration and making a decision regarding wings. Not bad for a car I bought for £45, sold the wheels, body shell and old internals for shy of £25!



Also over the weekend I let my better half loose with the Stadium Blitzer on 3s. She had a lot of fun blasting through the leaves and bouncing over the grass. Few silly crashes and flips but I was super impressed with her (although she is by far the better driver, period) and with the blitzer. Stock tires all round worked flawlessly. I'm hoping I can find a set of 2.2 proline or the like that are a similar profile for grass when we go out next time.


Thanks for reading!


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I have blitzer wheels on a buggy myself. I run the Schumacher truck tyres and they are great for grass. Mini spike rear and stagger rib front in yellow compound with medium inserts is what I use on my DT03T. 

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1 hour ago, Hobgoblin said:

That sounds like the ticket, do you have a model # or link?

Schumacher parts numbers U6708, U6706 for the tyres and 2 sets of U6541 soft foam inserts👍

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Tires and insterts are in my basket waiting for Friday's pay to hit.

My better half suggested we go out for a walk with the cars after our shifts yesterday and despite being November it was a pretty pleasant evening! The Stadium Blitzer has been designated hers for now as she prefers the speed and the handling (she can outrun the dogs and sneak up on the squirrels) I took the Manta Ray as I hadn't had a chance to give it full throttle in a large enough area yet 


I also made up some Vinyl to designate my cheapy transmitters - far too proud of that! 

Both cars ran through their packs after about 45m to an hour which is pretty good running (not all being driven hard, some walking pace and some being carried) The speeds were fairly even despite the Manta being only 2s. The high KV meant at the top end it was keeping pace with the Blitzer. I think going up to a 19t would probably edge me over. The abisma wheels have been flawless. For £11 for the set of four I'm blown away. 


Uh oh. Damage report wasn't too bad truth be told. Yes the Manta is out of action for a while but I expected it. I need to get some more hexes for at least the rear prob aluminium but dependent on price. The shock tower was on the way home anyway. I noticed a crack when i was rebuilding it and that's exactly where it failed. Also the stock prop shaft is flapping about far too much, its scratching the paint off the inside of the shell and I can see where its grazing the battery at full whack. I'm guessing the aftermarket/hop ups are the way to go? 

Blitzer got filled with grass and leaves and a few more dings and scrapes but nothing to write home about. Tough little truck.

So the Manta has successfully made me fall in love with buggys. Wondering if its worth grabbing another plastic shock tower before spending the £15 on a metal one. Its a slippery slope you see. If the fronts metal, why not the rear, why not the arms too. £70 odd later I would find myself in hot water!  Suspension is still a bit of a hotch potch. The fronts are the tamiya with new oil which helped a mite - rear are some ECX monster truck odds that are fairly toy grade with bigger springs and 50wt oil. 

Still all in all I am having a brilliant time with Tamiya!

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@Hobgoblin Hop up prop shaft definitely worth getting. I had a yeag racing one in my DF01 which was aluminium and blue, which was nice! If you don't already have a metal motor mount the Manta Ray hop up kit tamiya released is probably best value. Includes the Top Force prop shaft and aluminium motor plate.

I found the top force fibre glass front tower much tougher than the plastic one. Tower itself isn't expensive but you need the top force J parts sprue to get the plastic mounting point. 

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