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TLT based RMR Land Cruiser

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Thought I'd share my TLT based crawler. I should have started a build thread in the builds section, but I got a little ahead of myself. So it's almost done, I'll post any changes going forward. 

This is my last set of TLT axles, well modified from my crawler. I've had these for a long time, and they have held up incredibly well. The cases are a little beat up, but they still have a lot of miles left in them!

I cut a chassis out of 2.5mm 6061 (lower chassis)

Front axle was set up with a 3-link and panhard set-up.

Originally, I started with a Tamiya Mini X-Acto motor and a double GRU connected to the t-case with a M06 dogbone, though I found it to be a little under geared. 

Once I had everything sorted, I sprayed the chassis flat black and made a trans mount out of 6mm aluminum. Very solid, no flex here.

Motor is low and forward, right where it should be

Chassis was designed for a Tamiya LC40 body. I love these bodies, I've got 4 of them in use currently. Decalling them is an exercise in patience but I enjoy it immensely!

I had a few issues with the white, it unfortunately was too thin in spots and the backing black bled through. (: Painting is not my strong suit! I decided to power through and used some left over Rough Rider/Buggy Champ decals as kind of a modern take on the Rough Rider theme.. I think it came out pretty good! Other than the questionable paint of course.  

Compared to my CFX, it has a bit more aggressive stance. I like it... :)

And out on my test course...

The tires are not quite the best since they are quite old, but I tried a few other combos, and just thought these looked spot on. I have made a bit of a change to the drivetrain since taking the pics, it's much more trail friendly now.  I'm hoping she'll get her first trail run this weekend if the weather holds.    

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Thank you kind sir!  I'm usually not one for graphics on my trail trucks, but really like this one. 

Took a bit to get the driveline sorted out. I was looking at different GRU's and T-cases to get the FDR right... it was a bit undergeared previously. Great for torque, but wasn't quite at walking pace - not going to work on a trail run. 

I ripped the Holmes Revolver out of my Wraith a while ago and it was sitting on the bench...low RPM's, gobs of torque...hmmm. Bolted it right to the HPI GRU with no other reduction and it's absolutely perfect. Great torque and just enough wheelspeed to get down the trails. Not to mention the smaller size works out perfect. I'll have to keep this setup in mind for future rigs. 

Last time I was out wheeling, I made the remark "I'm totally done with lights"

1 week later, I was adding them to my truck. :) I had a Tamiya light kit sitting around, so why not.  Though I was more focused on performance with this truck, I went ahead and added a roof rack too. Think it all came together pretty nice. 

Added some lightweight "cargo" up top and tinted the windows out back a bit. It's a sad substitute for an interior, but it'll work for now.

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