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KhyzerSoze's GMADE GS02 BOM Build

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Here's a section of CDM rocks that Chris "Browneye" (from RCCrawlers.com) and his buddy introduced me to.  When I saw it, I was like, "how in the badword?".  Then he and his buddy proceeded to make it up.  That was it... I had to make it up that section that day.

After many tumbles... I finally made it up several times when I got the hang of it!  It's really much more impressive in person than on video.  The video doesn't really show the correct perspective of how impressive making it up that section really is.

One wrong placement of the rear driver's side tire completely ruins the climb and results in a tumble.



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Took the BOM out to CDM Rocks again on Sunday.  I love the way this truck performs.




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