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NOW SOLD - Vanquish / Vajra hybrid call me Vanquira

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OK, so whats a Vanquish / Vajra hybrid ?  A Vanquira ??

I bought a new Vajra kit not long after they were released and used the drivetrain components to build myself a Egress (before Tamiya did the re-release!)

That left the Vajra body, carbon fibre chassis plates/shock towers, lots of alloy parts, and the wheels n tyres.   I combined these with the drivetrain from a used Vanquish I had, fully cleaning and rebuilding as needed.  So this is in effect a Vajra running a slightly vintage drivetrain.


It uses re-built GEAR diffs front and rear, the central diff is locked using the locker piece from the Vajra kit

It uses the universals at the front axle and dogbones at the rear as per the Vanquish - all in good condition

It has new Yeah racing alloy front hubs  - ca £25 a pair

It has a lightly used Tamiya GT Tuned motor coupled to a used mtroniks Viper 11 ESC

It has never been run - any marks on the bottom of the gear casings are a carry over from the vanquish days, ditto the faintest of marks on the odd wishbone.

It could be converted back to a hopped up Vanquish with alternative shocks, shock towers and wheels plus of course a body set

This has never been fully set up or  run - purely sat on the shelf for a few years - the decals are slightly blistered but should go perfectly flat again with some heat applied with a hairdrier
















You could strip it and sell a third of the model and easily recoup the asking price !

I've no real idea what it's worth, I recognise it's not a popular model and will never be worth the sum of its component parts. Equally i've no time to strip it and sell parts off it (no doubt over £150 if i could hold on long enough on ebay etc).


So its UK buyers only, shipping via Collect+ courier.   I still have the kit box and it will be shipped in that subject to the built model fitting inside with the wheels removed.  Any other bits left in the kit box will be included too (no idea what their is, its in the loft).


Asking price    £80     No offers

Shipping is £7.95, 1-2 day service


Payment by paypal gift.


So there you go - cheaper than a DT-02 truggy !!


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If for some weird and wonderful reason this doesn't sell and you find yourself wanting to strip out that motor and ESC. I'll happily have them off you for a sensible price.

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1 hour ago, Percymon said:

It uses re-built ball diffs front and rear, the central diff is locked from the Vanquish

Interesting build and good looking mix, but isnt that  the setup for the Egress, Vanquish has gear diffs and ball central.

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Waterbok - you are indeed correct.


I used the locker on the centre diff from the Vajra kit, as i put a one-way into my Egress build.


I'll have to pull the diffs in the Vanquira to check - i went off some notes i had from a few years ago but will double check.


Update - just pulled the front and rear diffs, and they are indeed gear diffs from the Vanquish - apologies for any confusion.


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updated to clarify differentials

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Only just seen this....interesting and good luck to the lucky new owner.

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