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ID HELP NEEDED, beware lots of pics !

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Everybody, I just got a load of mostly used spares togheter with a Brat and a Fox, so I need a little help identifying what I got :-)

Any one with suggestions, please feel free ot comment, as I hva no clues on these: [:I]

This is a chassis (i believe), put ogether by me from parts in a box. the wheels is unfamiliar to me, and the chassis plastic is of a different type than tha Tamiya's I know. Any suggestions ?

Chassis from top:


Chassis from side


I alsp got a lot of other chassis parts.

Do you know what car this is for ?


Here is a closeup of one A-arm: It says Graphite ??


And to finalise, here are two pics of the load I got today. As you can see I have a lot of parts to sort out....



Thanks guys!

As soon as this is identified, a lot of it might be up for trade, as I am purely Tamiya interested.

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The chassis you show is a Kyosho mantis chassis. The graphite arm is a rear arm from a Losi buggy. Probably a XXX or a XXX-4. I also think i see a rear damper tower ,servo holder and front suspention arms from a from a Losi xxx in the pics. I might be interested in the Losi parts.

LOL after looking close on the pics i think i know where you got the parts too. I think i have owned the Subaru Brat and the Fox long time ago [;)]

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thoses big spikey tyres with the 8 spoke wheels are marui super wheelie,some of those sus arms are losi xx

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