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Blue goo?

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I got this few days ago from a local guy.  He said he wanted a NIB XR311, and he wanted to get rid of this used one before his bidding day.  There had to be a reason.  I inspected it carefully, but it seemed fine.  While I was inspecting (very slowly), he even threw in a new driver too.  For $120, it's a good deal.  (The driver is stone-heavy!  He is heavier than 2 screwdrivers!)  


What on earth is this blue goo?  I got home and things are coming apart every time I touch it. This blue stuff isn't holding as well as plastic glue.  That's why he didn't like this one, and wanted to build a new kit.  Still, it's not a bad deal.  I've been building static kits longer than RC.  But I've never seen blue glue.  Any color could show after painting, so plastic glues have no color.  

Could this be....?  







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9 hours ago, scoobybooster said:

Tamiya Thread Lock i think.. Looks like he got it mixed up with CA glue, but it's actually just a screw locking varnish.

Good grief, threadlock mixed with CA glue?  lol...  that, I have not heard before.   

Wanting to build a kit ASAP? I can totally understand.  But threadlock + CA glue is something else.  

Whoever built it, gets A+ for inventiveness. (But C- for the level of finish)  At least it's easy to take things apart!  I'm actually looking forward to rebuilding the whole thing.  


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