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For Sale: Fast & Furious Supra TT01D

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Another part of my on-road clear out...

A humble TT01 with some rather nice hop-ups fitted and a shell which has had pride of place on my shelf for the last year - I love it!

So first let's get that out of the way-

Tamiya Toyota Supra Body painted in PS61 Metallic Orange backed with Bright Silver. Vented bonnet is painted.

Yokomo front and rear light buckets (better than the plastic Tamiya standard ones and has provisions for LEDs if you wish)

Full Fast & Furious Supra Decals

Movie-Accurate rear spoiler

Reflective movie-accurate rear license plate (yep, I looked up the right plate #)!

Kawada 5-spoke rims (closest I could get to screen-accurate) fitted with Tamiya semi-slick tyres (no inserts, not glued)

Tamiya front mounted intercooler (fixed to chassis)

Yokomo Exhaust tip (fixed with....Meccano!)

Windows left clear (Cockpit set was supposed to be added)


TT01, fully ball-raced

Tamiya Aluminium Motor Mount

Tamiya Aluminium Prop-shaft

Tamiya Adjustable upper suspension arms

Tamiya Mini-CVA dampers with Blue (hard) springs

Tamiya front stabiliser set

Tamiya rear stabiliser set

Tamiya Carbon Fibre Upper Deck / Chassis Stiffener

Tamiya Aluminium Motor Heat Sink

GPM Aluminium Front Steering Knuckles

GPM Aluminium Rear Uprights

GPM Aluminium Battery Retainer


The car is never-run as can be seen from the images. Rear diff is locked and this is obviously a reversible modification.

The bodyshell is not mounted, I never got around to fitting a secret-fix body mount system. I will provide extra posts and it is up to the buyer whether they want to drill holes in the bodyshell.

Currently fitted with a Tamiya S3003 standard Steering Servo and 540 Silver-can motor. No idea what pinion or gearing is in there, could be another pleasant surprise!

I'm starting this one at £125 posted within the UK - I know this is strong money for a TT01 but hopefully you can see the effort put in to making an accurate replica of the famous movie car.

Any questions please get in touch.

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