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For Sale: Mazda RX-7 TA05-R Drift Car

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This one really pains me to sell, but needs must.

The TA05-R was a limited edition model (49418) and this was my take on turning one into a 'drift' car.

The following is the standard spec from Tamiya:

  • 51000 High Torque Servo Saver (Black)
  • 51065 TRF415 Suspension Mount (A)
  • 51068 TRF415 Suspension Mount (D)
  • 53539 5.5mm Aluminum Spacer Set
  • 53640 5mm Aluminum Bolt Nut (Blue)
  • 53642 5mm Aluminum Ball Connector (Blue)
  • 53644 Aluminum Stabilizer End (Blue)
  • 53685 TRF415 Front Bridge Suspension Mount (A)
  • 53823 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (5mm thick)
  • 53836 48mm Swing Shafts for Assembly Universal Shaft Set
  • 53849 TA05 High Precision Diff Joint
  • 53857 04 GP Spur Gear 105T (TA05)
  • 53869 5mm Aluminum Short Ball Nut (Blue)
  • 53871 48mm Lightweight Rear Swing Shafts (Blue)
  • 53874 TA05 High Precision Center Pulley Bushing
  • 53894 TA05 Carbon Reinforced A Parts
  • 53895 TA05 Carbon Reinforced K Parts
  • 53897 TA05 Aramid Drive Belt (Blue)
  • 53899 Reversible Lightweight Suspension Set
  • 53918 TRF Damper Low-Friction V Parts
  • 53935 TA05 Wide Pitch Diff Pulley RP
  • 53571 TRF Fluorine Coated Damper
  • 53842 TA05 Stabilizer Set (F&R)
  • TRF Dampers (Blue), Damper Springs (White), Front/Rear Stabilizers, and Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft (Blue) are also included in this assembly kit.

I then proceeded to add virtually the whole back-catalogue of Hop-Ups. Front One-way, aluminium motor mount, heatsink, Carbon Fibre suspension towers. The works. I haven't listed them but hopefully the pictures speak a thousand words!



I even have the original box (albeit a bit battered from storage)

The current electronics consist of -

Yokomo D1-Spec 19T Drift Motor

Novak XRS Speed Controller

Tamiya Steering Servo

This one has been run - but only indoors on carpet, so the underside of the carbon-reinforced tub is still in as-new condition. 

The bodyshell isn't great - it's complete and the stickers could be removed to reveal a standard, black Mazda RX-7 if the new owner wished. But this is very much a runner rather than shelf-queen, although it doesn't have any obvious splits or cracks.

I'm putting this one up for £150 or near offer. Again, the amount of money thrown at this one far surpasses this! The price includes UK postage.

The dust is free of charge!

Any questions please get in touch.

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