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For Sale: Porsche 934 F103 GT-Short PROJECT

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A slight deviation from my other models for sale...

This one is unfinished. It comes as follows-

Tamiya F103GT chassis with custom carbon fibre upper (2.5mm) and lower (3mm) chassis plates, taking wheelbase down to 230mm as-per the Tamiya 49400 30th Anniversary chassis and correct for this Porsche 934 bodyshell.

When I started this project you couldn't buy a 934 but Tamiya being Tamiya subsequently released the same body on entirely the wrong wheelbase.

The chassis itself is pretty special looking -

Tamiya 53273 Formula Car Rear Suspension Ball Mount Set

Tamiya TRF Aluminium Damper

Tamiya Aluminium Heatsink (for TA05)

Tamiya Carbon Propshaft

Tamiya High-Torque Servo Saver

Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor

3Racing Aluminium ball diff/outdrive +2 offset

3Racing low-friction damper plate

TRG carbon-effect rear diffuser

Blue-Bird High Speed Servo

Bodyshell is painted PS2 Red with matching rear spoiler. It has been temporarily fixed with the front light buckets, the intention was to always fill the front openings with a mesh.

No bodyshell mounting has been devised yet - hence this is has PROJECT status, although that's pretty much all there is left to do.

I'll sell this with two sets of wheels, those shown are MST mesh BBS-style, I'll also provide Tamiya 2-piece mesh with gold centres and more importantly the WIDE rear wheels and tyres (34mm?) which make the car look nice and fat.


In this as-new condition I'm putting this up for £110 or near offer, including UK Postage.

Any questions please get in touch.

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I pm’d you but never heard back from you. I’m ready to buy if it’s still available. 

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Sorry guys - I've received the messages but going through a difficult time just now. I'll get back to you next week and appreciate your understanding.

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