Most sensored brushless motors don't seem to come with wires attached.  I had to learn to solder a brushless motor.  I figure I'll post a "how to" for people like me.   60 watt or hotter irons work better.  30w-40w will make you doubt your skills.  It's not your skills.  They just get cooled too much every time you solder.   I used 14 gauge wires ($1.50 for 1m each).  If you want to go smaller turn than 10.5t, thicker 12 gauge would be better.  (Tamiya ESC's wires are 16 gauge, so... but TBLE-02S isn't suitable for anything faster than 10.5t, so 14 AWG is fine in this case)   10 pairs of 4mm connectors were $3.60.  Enough plugs for 3 motors.   Pure tin, some silver & flux is stronger than stuff with lead. (lead is weak and toxic anyway)   [ I cut the wires to about 3 inch and a 1/4 (about 8cm).  But the length is up to you ] [ Tinning will make it easy for the wires to stick into the plugs. The gator clip wouldn't hold all 3 at the same time. ] [ This shows two gator clips holding both ends, but I held the wire and slightly pushed it in as it melted. ] [ I only had black and red heat-shrink tubes ] [ A plier can be a nice cradle for the motor, so it won't roll around ]  [ "A" turned out to be a bit more voluptuous than B and C, but that's fine ]  [ Tip tinner is very convenient.  Just stick it in while it's hot.  If you don't tin the tip, it will oxidize and become blunt after a few times ] [ A Tamiya Club member let me know the colors.  A,B,C contacts are Blue, Yellow, and Orange.  "Bring Your Own"  Booze is missing! ] These 4mm connectors get plugged to Tamiya TBLE-02S ESCs just fine -- even though these are not the traditional "bullet connectors."  You will still need a sensor wire.  Trackstar motors come with a sensor wire.