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2 hours ago, ThunderDragonCy said:

Have you seen this on fibre lyte website? Says it's based on a TRF415 but i pretty sure its a buggy version of a TB Evo5 



Interesting that, does definitely look like an evo 5.. 🤔🤔

dont see much doing with them really, or maybe I’ve missed the surge of them, not sure why, seems a decent chassis and not dissimilar to the evo 6, which there’s one at the club sometimes.. thou guess the absence of gear diffs is possibly a issue. 

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2 hours ago, Mark3gti said:

..on my evo 5 the suspension block is mounted onto the chassis, then a bit more chassis for the bumper plastics.. :( 

It's modded, you can see an L-shaped bar mounted to arb holder. Bumper mount is just cut off.

By steering, it looks like Evo4. I think I've seen it before.

Edit: i found some pictures of evo4 based buggy, maybe it's earlier version.

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