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Wild One shock upgrade

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Changed the shocks on my Wild One and thought I would share the parts used since I had a hard time finding much online.

Used the Gmade XD 75mm with the medium spring on the rear. http://www.gmade.net/xd-diaphragm-shock-75mm-2/ The bottom eyelet on the shock had to be reshaped just a bit with file to not bind on the lower control arm, but that wasn't much work.

And the Gmade RSD 80mm on the front. http://www.gmade.net/rsd-shock-absorber-80mm/

The front was too stiff even with the softest Gmade springs so I ordered a set of springs from rc4wd and used the softest pair in the kit. https://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-90mm-Rock-Krawler-Shock-Spring-Assortment_p_4232.html 


30wt oil with the middle valve in everything to start with and so far it feels fine.




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Thank you for posting this.  

Threads like this end up helping somebody months and years down the road.  

They look sleek.  


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