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Team CRP #1650 Hotshot front brace alternative

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Hi everyone.  I now have a Boomerang and a Bigwig, and would like a brace similar to the Team CRP brace to strengthen and remove slop from the front upper suspension arms. As they are not likely to be easy to find,  is there an alternative or perhaps a 3d printed version available?  Thanks for reading :-)

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Hi StueyS,

I know this thread is a bit old, but I have had the same problem you have trying to figure out a replacement for the impossible to find a-arm brace for the HotShot/Bigwig/Boomerang for quite a while. Finally I came up with the solution you can see in the attached picture which is simply 2 plastic washers and a rubber o-ring. Seems to work well and keep everything tight, while still having some give in case of crashes.

I hope this helps you or anyone else looking for a solution.

Boomerang A-arm Brace.jpg

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There's one on thingiverse:


Might work ok printed with high infill.

And this guy sells them on ebay. SLS nylon like you get from thingiverse. Only problem is he uses ebay global shipping so the postage is high, might be worth asking if he would do the shipping himself, it should be much lower.


The guy has some really interesting stuff in his shop, lots of reproduction parts such as old gears etc.

Saying all that, the o ring mod looks simple and effective!

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