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jg009's M chassis project

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This car came from my good buddy whose Tamiya collection I slowly acquired. It started out life as an M-01 Mini Cooper rolling chassis. I got it going with the 27T silver can motor and then installed an 11.5T sensored brushless system for a short time. Eventually, the electronics got robbed out of it and I stole a couple ball coupler connecters for my TT-02. It sat on the shelf for about six months until this last week when I decided to scavenge around in my parts stash and reassemble it. Despite this being a "vintage" classic, my goal is not to necessarily do a restoration. I don't want to hack anything up but I do want to do something interesting with it.

Electronics are all fairly period correct for the car. ESC is a Novak 610RV hooked to a Sport Tuned 540 motor. The servo is a very low end Futaba (that'll change) and the tx/rx set is a 75 MHz dual stick Futaba. During reassembly, I swapped the driving/steering system to the M-02 style rear wheel drive setup. Here are some pics of my end result:







Mods planned for this car are as follows:
-Bearing upgrade

-Wheels and tires

-Suzuki Cappuccino body

-Servo upgrade


This car won't be for competition or anything like that. It'll live a life of cruising around on basketball courts, shop floors, etc. but I'd like to really enjoy it.

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Kyosho oil filled shocks installed and some Traxxas Slash bearings put in temporarily. The bearings were used but replaced shortly before the Slash was shelved and started donating parts to different things. With a cleaning and oiling, they spun very freely and made a HUGE difference over the stock delrin (I think?) bushings. The weather has been cold and snowy so I haven't been able to get it outside since these mods but I did test it right after the reassembly and RWD swap and I think this thing is going to be a blast! I also stole the 2.4 GHz tx/rx off of my Clod (which broke in the sub-freezing temps :( ) because the AM system I had in it was only giving me about 50 feet of range. I'll have to go through my other older stuff and find out if it's the tx or rx.


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