Heavy dump truck with long arm suspension,led and proline badland tires

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For 2 years I had a complete 4wd wt-01 chassis colecting dust.

One day I was surfing the web and on ebay there was a vendor that sold the heavy dump chassis for 1 dollar, the complete bodyset for 5 dollar and the f parts for 1 dollar, so for 7 dollar I bought those parts.

I used al the other parts from the wt -01 chassis, gears, arms, driveshafts,shocktowers, hubs and knuckles, axle.

The only thing I had to buy was tires, because of the long arms the stock wheels and tires where not a option, that made the car to wide and ridiculous looking.

I used sct tires and wheels, the stock tires have a lot of offset and bolds outside of the steering knuckles,  wheels with no offset the knuckles comes inside of  the wheels, the sct wheels have the space for the knuckles.

The gmade shocks I had them to for 2 years brand new in a box, bought them for my xv-01 but they do not fit because they where to thick.

The black piant looks stained because its stil wet, the paint was scuffed from running, for the pictures I painted it agian.








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33 minutes ago, Super Clodbuster Junkie said:

I see that cool Castle® motor.

:lol: its a 5700kv motor it looks cool, but it runs cool to, the max them I have seen is 37 celsius/98 farenheit

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