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I love these buggies, I'm guessing you know they were sold under several brands?

I have a couple of the Bandai Intercepter versions but the one I want to use as a runner is missing a couple of gears. I've been looking for a replacement set for ages, looks like only Monogram and MRC sold spares for their versions in any great number.

There was a guy selling them on ebay but his store was "on holiday" and when I looked into it further, I found out he had passed away, apparently he was quite well known in the hobby :-(

Then I managed to find some on a website and purchased them but it turned out it was a scam website! 

Anyway, please excuse the sob story lol! If you ever see any for sale or you know any other brand gears that happen to fit let me know! I've managed to find all kinds of weird substitutes for other models including fitting Tamiya gears into a Nikko but I've come up short for this one.

Great video, it's really good to see these buggies still tearing it up, especially in nice clear HD!

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Hi thanks :)

its a fun little buggy even if its 

Consider as a "toy" grade. 

I've upgraded the shocks to oil, and ball bearings all the car. 

Im using hobbywing 1040 esc and 21T goolrc motor(i orderd 17t to🙈)

And sanwa servo.

For spare parts i bought a 3d printer so i can make my own if needed ;)

Btw do you know if the hotshot wheels will fit in this buggies?


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