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Hi there.

I've been collecting stuff for some time for at model that I wanted to build for a while.

Personally I find the different mechanics and setups interesting, so been owner of a rear wheel driven Mudblaster and  4-wheel driven Castrol Celica, I really wanted to try a front wheel driven model.


However… I really didn't "dig" the originally FF01 cars, so I ended up scooping Ebay and different RC-shops for parts.

Now I think I've got the parts I need for "MY take" of a front wheeler.


Ehm, I've got a Tamiya TBLE-02S and at this point I cant find the Robitronic Speed2Star 12T. (put it someplace, so that I new where it was) :-/ 

Would the TBLE-02S work with the Super Stock RZ ?


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