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Good morning everyone

Would like to take the chance to show my job to all of you Rc Enthusiast and collectors.

Not Tamiya and not Vintage…. at the same time very Tamiya e very Vintage.

Extremely proud to show you the prototype of the 1/10 Lotus 49 and I’m waiting the “OK” from Classic Team Lotus to get their approval for the license.

The Lotus 49 will be the second model in the Classique line, which with the Type 1, depict a 60esque F1 (hence the vintage).

Classique is using the Tamiya F104 front end (hence the heritage with Tamiya) but the chassis is purposely made in order to achieve a proper scale appearance with 250mm wheelbase, under the hood the model is full carbon fibre and titanium.

Plan with Classic Team Lotus (and other F1 manufacturer) is to offer rc models based on cars covering the late 60 and the 70.

I hope you can find my job interesting and this post not too far from the Group guideline.

If it is interesting for you, just look for Fenix Racing on FB, a new "like" is always welcome.



Thanks for watching!













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I like the Fenix Classique - if I ever stumble upon a grand or so, I would love to pick one up!

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I like them too, the look is just stunning and especially the new Lotus!;)

I follow regularly the RC tech Thread about them...

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Oh yes... it was raining at the PanCar Master in Lostallo (Swiss track  and probably the biggest facility we've in Europe, as they cover from 1/10 to 1/8 to 1/5....) 
full report soon on Fenix Fb page




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