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Resto mod super champ questions

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Have a bunch of parts to make a rest mod out of a SC that is a pile of pieces. As I am tying to find vintage rear spring /damper arms for my "correct" SC I am thinking of taking the "pile" of an SC and building a rest-mod.  Can I use the rear damper arms from rc channel on an original?  Would definitely use for the rest mod SC and just as a temporary fix on the correct original SC.  Also, will I still use the zip ties if I am using the rc channel arms on both?  I am just wondering as the fighting buggy does not.  I am confused as what in the rear suspension geometry is different that would not require the zip ties.

1. For the rest mod I have the following ideas(feel free to add anything I might be missing or would improve it:

2. Aluminum chassis/upper plate(had these given to me by a buddy)

3. New tires/wheels(have a bunch of sets already) 

4. Custom steering rods ?(have a bunch already)

5. Ball diff( I have but might not use it)

6. Bearings(have tons)

7. New here body set(need to get)

8. Pipe clamps instead of ties for rear cage(need to get)

9. electronics (lots lying around)

10. Rear swing/damper arms(from rc channel or rere, will they work and will I still have to use ties if they do?)

11. New axles(need to get, from rere, will they work? ?)

12.  Rear bumper( rc channel or bay/china, need to get)

13. NewShocks( opinions?  I have some rc4wd old man emu 80mm from some scale crawler builds, or ? what is the size of the front shocks?)

Any advice would help.



New left and right lower front arms(need to get from rere assuming they will work)

Plastic or aluminum gear/motor covers, anyone have an opinion(need to get)


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I can't help you a great deal without tearing open blister packs, and I'm not ready to do that just yet.

The Fighting Buggy re-re has supesion-travel stops built into the machined aluminium damper arms. For these to work properly you would also need the re-re rear bumper mounts, for them to stop up against.

The re-re front suspension arms are larger than the original ones, to accomodate the larger plastic ball-cups. So you'll probably need either all re-re parts, or all vintage-style parts for these.

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I just got bought the vintage front end parts.  I guess I'll have to look into fighting buggy rear end. I only see the bumpers around.  I assume rcchannel rear end should work.

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