Before chopping the body around there was one completely new part I had to fabricate first - a panel to support the front bumper underneath the alternative round headlight Bruiser style grille I'd ordered... While the regular Trailfinder 2 kit (with square headlights) has a complete front panel that screws into the holes either side on the front wheel-arches, the Marlin Crawler edition which uses this alternative grille doesn't feature a traditional bumper, rather uses a higher tube-bumper instead, and you cut off the leading edges of the wheel-arches to suit. So it was out with the CAD (cardboard aided design), to cut a suitable panel to tie the two chrome sections together: I knew it would be a tight squeeze in front of the chassis cross-member, and it was: So ultimately I cut off the front lip of the cross-member (as I did with the YJ Jeep build to mount the winch-bumper as far back as I could)... Giving a valuable 2-3mm clearance for the new panel behind the grille assembly: photo. note I have also cut some dedicated spacers for the front axles so the narrow wheels/tyres fill the arches better.   While all this was going on earlier today, the postman also delivered some scale hardware from Locked-Up RC, including these lovely M2 acorn wheel-nuts - so I set about making my own wheel-studs using cut-down M2 screws (of which I've got dozens with the various hand-rails and shackles I've ordered over the years): And finally, I couldn't resist adding these to my order: photo. M3 hex-head bolts for the chassis and axles - I know, it's an indulgence since most of these will be hidden under the bodywork once the vehicle is assembled of course!   More soon - wish me luck, Dr Dremel is about to get serious! Jenny x  
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