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Monster Beetle servo help...

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Hi Guys,

I just purchased a nice Monster Beetle ReRe from my LHS and waiting to arrive...:)

I didn't bought a servo becouse I have a nice HPI SS40wp servo around which is high torque and waterproof...

I just opened the MB's PDF manual and saw that there is a "ideal servo size" drawing. :( :( 

This is the servo size: 38x41.8x20.2mm

And it is 18mm from the mounting point to the top.

Tamiya states 41mm max in length and 16mm in height...

Have somebody tried to fit a servo with the same dimensions or there is no way to fit it?

Thanks in advance,


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It wont matter, apart from maybe adding 2mm to bump steer. It will clear everything, the servo cover is miles away from the top of the servo/saver and there isnt anything else to make contact with in the area.

Tamiya just list that size as it is a guideline, doesnt contact anything, and suprisingly, is the exact size of their rebranded Futaba servos *conspiracy* coincidently...

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Thank you Berman,

Just curious about the length. That is 41,6mm on my servo. Will the mounting holes on the chassis clear the holes on the servo? On my CC01 and WR02 one of the mounting holes let some play. As far as I see on the MB chassis no play allowed becouse the holes are at a fix position.

Thx again for the help

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