TT-02 Aluminium part upgrades. (Fastrax)

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Recently had the idea to upgrade the TT-02 with Fastrax aluminium parts as a plastic hub carrier had broken in a crash. Went to Modelsport to buy some Fastrax aluminium upgrades but hit a stumbling block straight away. The rear of lower suspension arm is thicker at the hinge pin/pivot so it doesn’t fit into the rear suspension arm mounting plate. Has anyone used the same Fastrax aluminium suspension arms that can tell me what I need to do? Can’t find anything on YouTube/internet. 

The modelsport website says it’s compatible but it clearly isn’t a straight swap and offers no other parts to complete the process and neither does the fastrax website. 


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Fastrax is not a manufacturer. It is a brand owned by CML Distribution, a UK-based importer of model products. They import their products from a variety of (typically Far Eastern) manufacturers and slap their own label on them.

Unfortunately they don't seem to be too picky as to who they buy from, and quality is highly variable. Chances are the parts simply won't fit as they have been poorly manufactured. It might be a case of having to return or bin these parts and buy some from a reputable manufacturer with better production tolerances. 3Racing, Yeah Racing and GPM, while not perfect, are generally pretty good in this regard. And of course Tamiya items are pretty much guaranteed to fit without a problem.

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