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Tires for M-class?

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I need some info.  I have 3 kinds, and it seems that I'm in need of some dire tire education (before ordering stuff without knowing what I'm getting).  

[1] (What I have #1)  Tamiya 53254 60D Super Grip seems like tires.  Soft and grippy.  But I'm afraid it will wear out in no time.  $13 per pair.  


[2] (What I have #2)  "42214-39244."  They look exactly the same as Supper Gripper but more plastic-like. (no "S-Grip" on the sidewall)  M06 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint came with 53254, & 42214-39244.  Super Gripper just for the powered wheels.  I'm starting to think "39244" might be a compound, because the same number is found on M05 NSU TT Prinz.  Which means 42214 might be Tamiya engineer's name of this tread.  A little too slick for my liking.  

[2-A]  Tamiya 50683 60D radial --below-- also looks exactly the same.  No "S-Grip" or "M-Grip" means these are the hardest?  I think the numbers on the tire walls look like "42214-39244."  Then this is not what I want.  $9 per pair.   



[3]  50684 says "M-grip," I'm assuming that's medium-grip?  Would this be a good compromise? I like this tread pattern. 

[4]  50568 below is just as cheap as 50683.  So I assume these have the same compound as 50683?  



[5] [What I have #3]  M05 NSU Prinz TT came with slick tires. They say "Tamiya 39244."  What are these?  How are they different from below?  Can't be a tread pattern, because there is none.  Which made me think 39244 is a compound.   

[6] The NSU slicks look like below, 54340 60D reinforced Type A (grippy?), and

[7] 54216, 60D reinforced Type B (heat resistant?).  



[8]  What are 53215 racing slicks?  

[9] Or 53222 Super slicks?  

[10]  53227 M2 radials any good?  


[11]  And 54374 drift tires, which I'm not interested in.  

I like Super Grip the best when it comes to functions.  But I'm afraid that they'd go bold after 3 packs.  So I'm leaning toward "M-Grip." 

Does Tamiya have other M-Chassis tires?  Are there other tires from other brands that I should look into?  There are a few 62mm Chinese tires, but they don't list how grippy they are.   

Help me fill in some blanks, please.  



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M2 radials - although they have an 'M' in the name are a regular size touring car tyre not the smaller size required for an m-chassis. Just to add to the confusion.

Tamiya seem to have so many different tyres but there is very little official  information out there as to what is what (especially as Tamiyas own website doesnt even list spares or accesories)

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Firstly, 2 Qs...

Do you HAVE to use Tamiya tyres? :) like does your racing make them mandatory.

What's the temperature/conditions where you race? Ambient temp, in/outdoors etc.


As for tread pattern... nah IMHO it makes no difference! I assume you're not running in the wet... even if you are, negligible grip difference bald or not. Just keep running them. M-tyres will go on gripping until they're worn thru and your inserts start peeking out.

Older tyres might be a little less grippy as they advance in heat cycles but I doubt you'd notice, not at typical Mini speeds anyway. Some tracks good tyres even make too much grip, racers are known to paint their sidewalls with superglue to make them slide more & reduce traction rolling. 


Have a a selection of Tamiya m tyres... M-grip are just kit tyres aren't they? Have As and Bs... they're more stable when belted, but they won't balloon to give bigger circumference on the straight. 60Ds are bigger diameter but you'll need to double stuff them (2 inserts) to get advantage.

I prefer HPI X-pattern when they're sporadically available, last & grip much longer than T tyres. Dunno what current racers use... Pits & Team Atlas get named a fair bit. There's a few 4sets of premounts for good value too, afaik they're mostly Japanese brands not China yumcha.

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If you’re sticking with Tamiya, 55D tyres are still available, you lose a bit of top end but gain a bit of stability round corners.

Forgot to say that the tyres are a good alternative.


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11 hours ago, WillyChang said:

I prefer HPI X-pattern

They look good.  They might be 5mm larger, but I think that looks better!    


That prompted me to search "65mm tires."   

And found a few of no-name brand tires too. 




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Be careful... HPI does tyres for std M-chassis size wheels but at one stage they've also done "MX60" proprietary size slightly larger


Cannot mix :) 


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