Kamtec oval window Beetle body

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[url=]this one[/url] in particular. The description says it’s a repro of a Tamiya shell but which one? I’m really wanting to know because i want an ABS body to modify and this would be perfect but it doesn’t come with windows / decals / parts to finish so i’d like to know what’s (at least possibly) likely to fit. 

I didn’t know Tamiya made an oval window shell, and it’s specifically an oval one i want, i thought it was maybe made as an option for bashing a MB or something like that but doubt that’s the case. 

I should maybe e-mail Keith to find out but don’t want to hassle him with questions. 

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To be fair, I think Kamtec are using the word 'Tamiya' as a keyword in their Ebay/online listing, rather than it being an actual replica of a specific model shell?

It looks to me like it could have been made from a mould taken from the Lexan Tamiya Beetle body, then they added the more pronounced headlight detail and an oval rear window themselves?

Either way, I reckon that could be an excellent basis for a custom project - in fact I've had my eye on the same [ABS version] myself for years!

Jenny x


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If you’ve got the skills, those Kamtec shells can be made to look pretty special!



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