Kyosho 1/18 Lamborghini Cheetah

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I also want one too (or three), mongoose !

I've been waiting for more that 30 years...and there's no sight of a re-re by Mr. T ! :-(

Hope I'm wrong !


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The Cheetah is one of my absolute favourite cars and I have collected it in multiple scales, so it's very nice to see a 1/18 scale model being released. However, with the high prices of Kyosho static models and the relatively large scale, I think it should have been better.  The headlights don’t look right to me, and being the “eyes” of a model, the correct look of headlights is crucial to the overall impression. Also, the reversing light is missing. Worse though is the horizontal separation of the C-pillars from the body which the original car doesn’t have. I appreciate that most likely makes the manufacturing easier, but when Tamiya managed without 40+ years ago, as did Otaki with their 1/24 Cheetah kit, it should be feasible for Kyosho too. I can just hope that the pictured model is a prototype and that the shortcomings are fixed for series production, because I would really like to buy one.

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