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Finished my Bullhead - High 5

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Hi all!

Today I managed to finish my Bullhead, which isn't quit a Bullhead anymore or at least at present. The Bullhead body is still in his box and waiting for a decision of me how to go on with it. But for now I'm very happy how it comes out. As I was not sure what to do colour-wise with the Bullhead, I've ordered a Proline 1980th Chevy Blazer body and choose a (at least for me) complex paintt job. It started with the name of the truck. As I wanted a 80th/90th-style Monster Truck and all of them have a name, I've chosen - in dependence on the Blazer model K5 - the name High 5 to refer to the big tires. The name is borrowed from a t-shirt I've bougth from Blipshift which shows a raised K5.

The name was printed mirrored on a masking sheet and painted in four steps with airbrush acrylic paint. Also the  window seal of  the front window and the doors were painted black. After that I've painted the lower part of the body with Tamiya PS-42 translucent yellow and the upper part of the body with PS-45 translucent purple. All was backed with Tamiya PS-41 bright silver. The front bumper were painted in PS-48 silver anodized aluminium. After that the whole body was backed with PS-5 black. I've never painted a body with so many steps and that extensive masking. 

Here are some picture of the finished truck:







Also made the maiden run of the truck this afternoon in the backyard. My wife tried to make some "action" pics which which wasn't so easy as the truck is much faster than expected with silber cans and a Nimh battery. I think they are pretty good. It's funny to drive this truck as it bouncing around and the steering is is doing what it likes. But it was great fun and my little daugther tried to chase it.




That's all for now. I hope you like it.


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