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Raybrig NSX 2007 colour advise

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Hello everybody.

I hope to receive my Raybrig NSX 2007 body-kit in the next days. I was just about to order the PS colours but I can't find any manual, even not on the Tamiya website.

Three different colours are required

PS35 Blue Violet

PS5 Black

PS?? Silver

Does anyone know which silver?

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Don't forget that PS-48 must be backed with black. 

I did some testing a month back and found this procedure to yield the best result.

First a thin tackcoat. Waited 10 mins and shot a fairly heavy wet coat(no runners!). Then let it dry to a sticky surface. For me that was about 20-30 mins.

Then i shot another wet coat, but not as heavy as the second coat.

I let it dry until the stickyness was almost entirely gone, so almost dry, and then I shot two PS-5 wet coats with about a 30 min gap. It was about 17 degrees C out, but left it all to dry in about 20 degree C.

This way also got me the best results for PS 46, 47, 51 and 52.

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Thanks buddy ! I ve used the silver on my Subaru BRZ R&D for the back window before.

I ve sprayed almost one can on the small window before I realised that this colour in particular is to be backed with black :-D

It looks great and it's always good to back silver with a layer of black. 

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