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For documentation purpose ALC-8500 temperature sensor

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This as , well.. this will be the first documented case :)

As a owner of a ALC-8500 / ALC-8500-2 / Pro charger you have a included temperature sensor .

These things can break down ( in my case, dog used it as a chew toy )


To replace the sensor, you need 2 parts :


Silizium-Temperatur-Sensor KTY 81-121, 1000 Ohm  

EAN 4023392061837



BKL Electronic Audio-Anschlusskabel geschirmt, Klinkenstecker 3,5 mm mono, vergoldet, gerade, 1,8 m, weiß

EAN 4011376716477

( a 1,8 meter long audio cable , 2 wire, with a mono 3,5 audio plug )    /  in basic, a microphone cable with 3,5 mm mono plug. )


solder, seal with a shrink wrap .. and you have a perfect replacement temperature sensor for your shiny alc-8500-2 







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