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JJ’s Project Thread

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Not sure if this is too self indulgent but I do it with my 1:1 cars so why not do it with my 1:10 ones ;)

background - a friend got me into RC cars back in school around 1990 (I was 13yrs old) when he bought his beetle into school for “show and tell” - Pete it’s all your fault (he’s on here and we talk Tamiya almost daily even though we’ve not seen each other in person since about 2001)

i was hooked (I have one of those “must have must have” personalities)

I had no money so I never had a tamiya from new

I started off with a falcon, swapped it for a hornet, bought a second hand clod buster, sold it for a terra Scorcher.

that was my childhood experience of tamiya RC.

Roll forward to Xmas day 2006 and I finally got my first brand new tamiya to build (I’m now 30yrs old) and my obsession for a lunchbox is fulfilled - albeit a ReRe.

i spent all day building it and nipping out during Xmas dinner to give the shell another coat or yellow. 

It wasn’t driven - even though it had a full radio gear set up.


I was happy just seeing it on the shelf for the next 10 years or so until I saw news of the beetle ReRe - hmmmmm

So Xmas day came again (now I’m 40yrs old) and so did a brand new ReRe beetle.

loved building it and drove this one properly - jumps and crashes and rolled it etc


A few years ago I decided I wanted a buggy - and my love for the terra Scorcher had me looking at the neo-scorcher

but as luck would have it, a TT02b-MS came up on eBay shelf Queen all radio gear, motor and ESC so jumped at the chance.


But obviously I wanted a neo Scorcher shell - and what’s the most cost effective way of buying shell and stickers? Buying the whole kit hahah



so new shell ready to go onto the MS chassis and ready for more power (see later)


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Then I started to look around for an old school terra Scorcher and stumbled across another great deal on ebay

came with bag, radio gear, paint, instructions, charger etc etc



the nostalgia I felt was unbelievable 

well worth the money 🥰

I then thought it was time to get my 6yr old involved.

I bought a kyosho (I know I know) nexxt.




the reason I got this was because it was partly pre assembled but did have quite a bit to do - and it was mega cheap!

he enjoyed building it and likes driving it - it has a sport tuned 540

so this just about brings me to summer 2019 (I’m now 42yrs old) when I think I’ve gone a bit mental.

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So why am I mental?


I got myself a falcon 🥰

its tatty but I love it

I even bought a sonic cleaner to tidy it up a bit


but this is where it all went a bit wrong

i found a job lot of Falcon parts and bought those so now I have enough parts to build another 2 (ish)



THEN I couldn’t help myself

in the past few weeks I’ve also bought...

Tamiya Baja King (what a gorgeous chassis this has)





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As for hop ups


100% Stock 

Roof Rack and Hella Spots




gear box brace

ball raced

brushless speed passion with tamiya TBLE-02s ESC

carbon sunroof

relocated spots 


Baja King

Sport tuned 540

hollow carbon gear shaft

speed tuned gear set 

stabiliser set 


Neo scorcher 

TTO2b MS chassis (ball raced, alu prop shaft and joints, metal drive shafts etc)

ball raced steering set up

Alu front suspension mount 

goolRC brushless 3500 motor and ESC to run LiPo 3s

Alu motor fins 

uprated metal diffs



Bear Hawk

custom paint and decals

full ball race 

uprated suspension

hobbywing ESC and brushless motor


i think that’s about it for now - thanks for reading 




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Oh - and added a ReRe grasshopper 2 to the collection that went cheap on eBay this afternoon. 

Next will be a comical hornet next month - it will only be my 3rd new build and I will build it with my son 🤪

im having my friend 3D print me some hanging brackets - least he can do for encouraging me to buy more cars ha

i have a v small outdoor workshop / insulated shed planned for the end of the month and will insulate it and store all my crap in there.

im also currently learning to fly drones FPV so that’s fun and again needs space for piles of crap!

thanks again for reading


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They pop up on eBay from time to time :)

a stunning car 

bear hawk arrived today - yummy

what a lovely car



im very impressed and the matte black is amazing


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Getting stuck into the comical hornet build a bit today

got the gearbox stripped and ball races added plus a sports tuned 540 (colour match only) then built a bit of the chassis


and finally painted and assembled my driver 




this is the first time I’ve painted the driver on a car - quite enjoyed it and made soooooo much easier with the tamiya paint stand that only cost me £14 off amazon :)



Going to mask up tomorrow and paint the roll hoops a nice bright colour 



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Finished off the comical build today

what a lovely chassis


will try and get the shell painted tomorrow :)


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Well shell painting has been a bit hit and miss

the neon orange went down ok but potentially needs a white backing and not black as it’s dulled down significantly - which actually works tbh

masking was ok but trying to mask complicated areas like the roll bar means my lines are out ever so slightly 



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Looking good all stickered up. (I’ll take some better pics in the daylight)






This was the paint overspray but it’s not a major issue 




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Got the cheapo rere grasshopper II shelf queen today - what an awful chassis haha



along side ids it’s big sister 


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Anyone any links to parts that improve the rear set up on the grasshopper/frog/lunchbox?



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Decided against the mod

1 the price

2 the fact it’s never gonna be run as it’s soooo poor ;)


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